Guilty Gear Strive on Xbox

In case anyone here missed it, there was an announcement that Guilty Gear Strive is coming to Xbox, and for this weekend (Feb 4th and 5th, 2023), they are having an open beta cross-platform play test for the game, where you can download the beta for free and play all the available modes with it, even the first wave of DLC characters. You will be playing against PS4 and PC players as well. If you haven’t seen this, act now and get some matches in this weekend.

The full game is coming at some point, but this is going to be the Xbox player base’s first chance to experience it themselves. You may have to search the xbox live marketplace, but it is there. Approximately 13 Gbs.


Just letting you guys know, GG Strive just dropped yesterday on Xbox slightly under the radar. If you’re interested, it should also have crossplay with other platforms including PS4 and PC. Hope to see some of you guys on there at some point.

I do hope to as well, though it will be some time before I can get the game. But I do look forward to a face off, though I’ll need to add you on Xbox first.