Guest Fighters backstories (if possible)

I know Isgreen said there will be no backstories for guests. Let’s say there were, for Rash it could go both ways: Kan-ra, because he used portals to other worlds and eventually immortality, and Rash’s trailer he came out of that same portal. ARIA-she is a program and Rash is a digital entity, Rash could have been downloaded in to the UT mainframe and a digital gateway was created. Or if Joanna Dark was another guest, Orchid would be a reason for ther inclusion, like Disavowed and Carrington are rival institutes at the same time theyre trying to see who takes UT down first. What do you tthinnk could work as a storyline for guests?


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they said they were not going to try to rationalize their way into the game, so I assume no backstory for Rash and others.

I know but i was imagining if there werer some :sob: