Guest Cult Classic Movie Characters Bruce Leeroy and Sho Nuff

As a new member to the KI forum. I was wondering about the possibility, or thoughts of bringing the characters Bruce Leeroy and Sho Nuff from the movie The Last Dragon to the KI roster.

This will never happen for the same reason we will never see another Marvel vs Capcom game. The respective intellectual properties are owned by separate entities…in the case of The Last Dragon, it’s owned by Sony and you would have to be out of your mind if you think Sony is going to put one of their IP’s in a Microsoft game. In some cases, a studio will release the rights of a character, however it has many stipulations including a time frame for which that character can be used and more often than not, a hefty price tag. That’s why you can’t even digitally purchase MVC2 or 3 since Disney now owns the rights to Marvel and Capcom did not renew it’s contract with Marvel. Now I know you’re probably thinking, but what about Predator and Jason, or Freddy in Mortal Kombat. Well, Netherealm studios is owned by Warner Brothers which holds the rights to everyone aforementioned. The only character of former movie fame I could see making it into KI would be Spawn since Todd McFarlane still owns all of the rights to his character. And again, this would still require negotiations. That’s the messy thing about movies characters…they’re usually attached to billion dollar studio, lol!