Guess How Many - Forum Game

Taking into consideration the fact that Adam Isgreen Creative Director of KI has confirmed that Season 3 will be launching with more characters than Season 2 did lets have a fun game here on the forums and try to guess how many will actually launch. Assuming we will find this out soon enough since they promised us surprises at the world cup one can only assume we’ll get all the juicy stuff there so not much time to guess.

My guess is “6” characters.

Now some of you may be thinking Larry is crazy knowing darn well that S2 only launched with two. Quite frankly in my opinion I think Season 3 was being planned well far in advance as apposed to S2 which had that whole switching developers at the last minute debacle. So in theory by the time S3 launches in March they probably will have worked on it for about 8-12 months by that point. Also keep in mind that they were building a character 1 month at a time in Season 2 so to have 6 characters in that amount of time is not so far fetched, one of them of course being Rash who was done a while ago.


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I’m gonna say 4. Just saying 4.

It will launch with 3 because the season number is 3, also because there are only 3 returning KI characters confirmed, and there are 3 battletoads, and Half Life 3 confirmed.


My money’s on 3 as well… both guest characters and Kim Wu / Rash, Kim Wu, original character.

I’m actually thinking 5. Rash plus four others, assuming we will end up with a 9 character season.

I think either 4 or 6. Will go with 4 for now.

3, I have this feeling.

I will now say 4-6 characters are going to be release for AND upon the official launch of Killer Instinct Season 3 next year in March 2016 :wink:

My money’s on 4!

My guess is 3. Rash, Kim Wu, Tusk, no need to keep the fan favorites and the final bit of the returning cast for last.

4 or 5 seems reasonable. If I had to choose I would pick 4.

3-4 to start, maybe 5. I can think of enough different ways for it to go that it’s nothing but tantalizing.
It’d be cool to have them start low and then extend Season 3 over a long period like Season 2, but I’d also like to see a big boost in character head count as soon as it drops so I don’t bore myself focusing solely on one or two characters. I think the real killer here (pun more or may not be intended) is that all of the new characters/balance changes should be in game and finalized in time for EVO2016.
Like any/everyone else in expecting the turn out to be somewhere in between the beginning(s) of Season 1 and Season 2. Probably won’t get the majority of the cast on Day One like with S1, but it will definitely start off bigger than Season 2.
Wild speculation: Perhaps instead of the monthly 1 character updates, we might get multiple new characters after a 2 month period?

**Ill say 4 **


My logic:

  • Rash is done (was very nearly done in August)
  • Shadow Jago done (but not season 3)
  • New Ui Patch
  • Kim wu’s Done but needs polish
  • New system changes / Stun etc
  • New combo assists with more shadow tweaks
  • Heavy PC version involvement (for season 1 2 and 3)
  • Good start on player 3
  • Just started play 4.

With that work loads id say we would have 4 characters done for season 3.


My money’s on ether 3 or 4. While they did say it’ll be more than season 2’s launch, I don’t think there will be enough time for 6 at launch given there will be more modes and also the PC port to deal with.

5 characters.

I have been waiting for Tusk for too long. So, I count him and Kim double.

Kim, Tusk and Rash makes 5.

No chance bo! Task will be saved for hype :wink:

Kims the opening hype
Tusk is the closing hype

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At first thought, I would have disagreed because there’s still Gargos to reveal and as the big baddie of S3, I think he’d be last. However Aria was supposed to be the big baddie of S2 yet Cinder was the last character so… either way, I’m eager to be surprised. :smile:

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Ture actually… id like to get gargous mid season

Rash/ Kim / NEW / Gargous

Joanna /NEW / Tusk / scorpion / Eyedoll /


All I care about is Kim Wu, nothing else matters to me.