Guardian Feedback

Hey everyone!

We want to know what you think about each Guardian, and this thread will be used to collect that feedback. What Guardian is your favorite? Which is your least favorite? Which is most helpful? Which is least helpful? What’s your favorite Guardian/character pairing? Least? Etc.

We want to hear it all. Are they working as you feel they should? What would your ideal Guardian do in terms of game mechanics? Let us pick your brain!

Leave your feedback here and while we may pop in for further clarification, this is not indicative of any changes coming. Just a way for us to hear what you think in one easy-to-read thread.


Exemplar best guardian and on ARIA. Limitless potential.

Raam for being least useful. Since you can have artifacts that negate it altogether and it’s basically what KI would be like if there were “limits to breakers”. It’s got more cons then pros.

I’m still curious as to why thought the exemplar guardian offers no-frames but arbiters parry does.

Could I get a possible answer to that question please and thank you?

I’m loving the new tiger guardian it’s really useful against the AI on challenging and godlike. So far am not a big fan of the examplar, I find almost no use for it on SL.

Ram: Useful for surviving. Plain and simple. It’s one of the guardians I go with when I want to go into a match and come out with as little damage as possible.

Snake: Thank god you guys fixed the bug on some enders that wouldn’t trigger it. Honestly though, I find it kind of dull to use. It’s a win button, or it’s useless, like a glass cannon.

Exemplar: I’ve actually been warming up to this guardian quite a bit over the past week, though I think the reward for parrying should be slightly higher (I’ve been using the Killer version).

Bat: It was much better in the beta because it was much easier to get health back (which is most important to me). Now it may just be my least favorite because of how it evens out and its low timer. If shadow and instinct meter carried over between missions, I probably would appreciate this one a bit more.

Fractured Ward: Still easy to use and busted af. You guys did nerf it though, it has like half the armor it used to, which is a bit saddening.

Watcher: This is only really useful if you’re going into the match with a mindset of playing patient, which is not the case for me with certain characters. Still, it does wonders to f*** over Gargos’ bs.

Tiger: I only have the blue version of this so far, but I really like it. It rewards you for going nuts, and that’s sometimes what I want to do :slight_smile:

Tiger: I have noticed that it doesn’t seem to trigger dependably. It can go off after just repeatedly hammering the mid punch, and other times go off with a shadow move. Other then that it’s one of my tops.
I love the ram, snake, fracture ward, and tiger.
Watcher is kinda iffy. I also noticed a bunch of my fracture wards are missing, maybe I just recycled them and don’t remember.

Favorite to use: Exemplar, parrying is ridiculously fun.
Most used: Snake, easiest win mechanic ever, activates on opener-ender and basically takes the lifebar in two chances.
Honorable mentions to Bat for its life and shadow gain, Killer basically returns at least 50% lifebar when playing half decent. And Fractured Ward for being my trusted choice to power through most of the garbage Boss Gargos does.
Least used: Ram. I’ll take my chances trying to break and the minimal damage that comes with it most of the time. I have enough artifacts to cover up its deficiency.

Watcher (Only have a blue one): Its good, but the Shadows or Mimics don’t really go in as much as would be needed to make it useful. Use it maybe once or twice in a match? Though I could see this being pretty good in Multiplayer.
Tiger (Only have two blues): Creeping up to my favorite to use. Not the best use of meter, but you can crush if the meter is about 60% full with a blocked Shadow, and a slightly mistimed meaty that the AI blocks can turn into an opening. Still experimenting to use it optimally.

Something I would like to see is for the emporium to have a stockpile of specific guardians so I can buy the guardians I want and not rely on the chance that the packs will give me something good. The stockpile should have a choice of all absolute guardians at every rarity and strength.

The Exemplar is definitely my least favorite. I haven’t managed to trigger the parry even a single time, but hat might be down to me failing to input the command at the right time.

My go-tos depend on the character for the most part. Ram I like to use on anybody, Fractured Ward or Snake on Tusk, Snake, Fractured Ward or Vampire Bat on Thunder or TJ.

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I’ve had the same problem, hence why I don’t like it. So your not the only one.

Favorite: Snake
Omen wrecks with this thing in Shadow Lords. So much meter and damage, it’s insane.
Least Favorite: Vampire Bat
The effects feel too minimal to me. I always feel like I’m gettting health back too slow; the same goes for meter.

Then that defeats the purpose of the packs then…

I don’t think so… Well, we can leave the rarity and strength to chance, but if I want a ram or fracture ward specifically, I don’t want to waste gems on a pack with multiple guardians and hope that the one I want happens to one of the included guardians

Then noone would buy the packs…

Why buy packs with a CHANCE of getting a guardian when you can just buy one directly?

Well the packs would aim more at the new players, and people looking to increase the size of their hand, and want alot of cards. But for those who want something specific don’t have to waste money on the gamble pack.

Why would new players buy a gamble pack when they can just buy what they want?

If I had to rate the Guardians in terms of how much you can get out of them for the lowest amount of effort…(barring the Watcher and Tiger, as I’ve yet to use them)

  1. Fractured Ward. It makes it so you can take huge risks and blow through their offence to start your own. That’s awesome. Tiger seems to take this to another leel with the “you don’t get to block anymore” thing, but I only just got one.

  2. Ram. A get out of jail free card, perfect for tricky AI or newer players. I imagine Watcher will fill a similar role -but in a much more active way- after I test it.

  3. Snake. This is one that requires you to land follow ups which inherently makes it more risky, but the reward is a fat chunk of damage the likes of which has never been seen. Great for dealing with enemies that have a ton of extra health, or health regen.

  4. Vampire Bat. Giving you resources is incredibly awesome, especially since it counters enemy draining effects to an extent. Not as much immediate reward as an extra 30%+ damage for your next combo, but it certainly helps with the survivability.

5)The Exemplar. This is one where you have to put yourself at risk to use it (duh, parries). The reward is good, it just takes the most effort to make use out of among the guardians. I just prefer not to use it compared to the others since adding a new element to my playstyle seems less inherently usable than enhancing the rest of your strategy, but it can lead to awesome moments.

I still can’t for the life of me use the exemplar. There should be an option for it to parry everything automatically.

Isn’t there an exemplar one that auto parries? It is the weakest one though I think. Personally it depends on multiplayer or AI. Snake/Ward on AI and Raam/Exemplar on multiplayer

Because new players would not be familiar with what guardians they want and would want to try all of them. There is also the players who like to stockpile guardians, I had a bunch of fracture wards that are now MIA for some reason.