"Guardian Collector" achievement on Xbox One

I have bought a bunch of the guardian packs and finally have a green, a blue, a purple and a gold guardian for both the Ram and the Snake however the achievement didn’t unlock. Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug?

Maybe it won’t unlock until you have every strength of every card. That would include the ones not out yet. Because I’ve had a crap ton of guardians and no trophy but I don’t know for sure so don’t quote me.

Geez I’m still trying to get a gold guardian lol

This is DEFINITELY bugged. No one has unlocked it since 20th Dec 2016

How does one submit a bug to Iron Galaxy? Kind of crazy a bug like this slips through. Should be easy to write an automated test around this sigh

You report it in the bug reporting thread where they constantly check the most.

I got this back in September on the PC version, but it seemed like a random occurrence; I had gotten all four Rams, but the achievement didn’t pop until much later for some reason. There probably is a bug of some sort.