Guardian card colors

I bought a basic pack and got a second Ram guardian. This one has a purple/pink background where the starter one had green. Is there any actual difference between the two? Just wondering why the cards had different colors/shapes but seem to have the same data (max number of charges, same ability, same input combination for ability).

Edit: Well now I feel silly. Just looked again after posting this and I see there is a difference. The green one gains a breaker after 219 damage received while the purple one gains one after 135 damage.

Perhaps there should be an additional icon on the card itself to indicate it’s at a higher rarity or quality than the other (or some kind of pop up upon first acquiring a new one to tell you the colors mean different qualities). I mean I guess other items are color coded (but also say “common”, “rare”, “epic”), but this guardian is way more pinkish than the straight up purple of epic items.

There are four tiers of guardian colors. Green > Blue > Purple > Yellow. Each with varying quality in each tier. There are “perfect” versions of each color signified by a pearlescent KI logo on the card.

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Wait, so you’re saying within each rarity level there is quality variance too? I’ve just acquired the two. If you have two of the same rarity and you get another of that rarity do you keep both or does the higher quality one overwrite it?

I have three purple quality snake guardians, each with different stats. You can keep I believe 4 of each guardian, it doesn’t matter what tier they are. So you could have all blues or all purples, when you get more than 4 you have to choose to discard one of them to make room for the new one.

There is such a thing as a “perfect guardian”. It has the max stats and will have a sparkly “KI” stamped on the card. I have a perfect perry (dunno the actual name offhand ) and is incredible for deploying a fighter. They will always have a 100 percent success rate.

I’ve got a perfect exemplar too. I was curious what are the names of the guardians? We have Ram, Vampire bet, Serpent, Fracture ward, and Exemplar. Who are the other ones marked coming soon?