Growing the Community: Combo Assist Mode Discussion

Yeah. I think it’s a pretty solid tradeoff as well.

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I’m okay with this, as it’s just a different way to do the inputs and will help new players that struggle with motions a lot more. I’ve showed the game to about a dozen people at work and even though we work on MKX people still struggle with doing inputs in KI because of the timing and lack of motion shortcuts (Seriously having to do diagonals for a motion is a lot of trouble for most people on the dpad).

Since this assist mode doesn’t provide any gameplay benefit I’m cool with it. If anything I’d like to see it taken a step further with allowing people to customize the motion used for each special on a character (ie: Switch a DF to a DB motion) and allow for input shortcut so you can enter D,F+P for a special instead of D,DF,F+P to perform the special move motion.

IDK. This seems cool. First thing I thought of was my son trying to learn to play, and this would simplify the game for him considerably. I mean still you have to learn the neutral game, and to the D-pad motions to start combos (in most instances), but once you start the combo, it is free-wheeling from there. Seem fine; seems easy; I don’t know how this will attract new people, but it will help new comers if they are interested and pick up the game. Not a bad addition, I just hope that in-game there will be some good explanations of the system.

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I call it KI with training wheels on.

Admittedly, while this is a good idea, I don’t this will bring in as many players as many people hope for. Most people who give up when trying to learn the combo system aren’t going to stick with the game long enough to become invested even with the assists. I’ve met many people who just didn’t care to really dig deep and learn the game, and combos are only one aspect of the game.

Again, this is smart idea that I’ve seen in numerous games in the past, but at the same time personal experience has taught me that if someone won’t be bothered to just go through something like dojo mode, they won’t try to learn the game.


This isn’t meant to bring players in. I think it is to keep new players from leaving. The free with gold and season 3 coming means they want people to come and this is for the people to stay.


As far as keeping new players around, as long as they actually want to learn the game, then this is great.

The Games w/Gold deal will certainly help bring players in, but this feature was created for those people as well. Pretty sure it’s clearly stated that this is what the system is meant for.

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It’s for the new people who neither have the attention span to learn the games mechanics in the dojo, nor do they have the attention span to play the game online for an extensive period of time without learning how to do any damage.

This is awesome.


It is for new people who just want to try the game ahd for people who can’t do special moves quickly enough for combos at the start.


CU 2.13 drops at Midnight PST tonight!

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I wonder if this idea stemmed at all from Rash’s combo trait. Sounds like an interesting idea. I wonder how well it’ll work out in keeping new players. I guess we’ll see soon enough!


After reading these forums, i must admit a lot of my worries have been dissipated.

But one more issue: I think it IS an unfair advantage in high-level play, because theres almost NO risk of dropping combos. If a player gets nervous, they can get a free pass on messing up motions, or just put in the ender assist command and the work will be done for them.

If you opt to use the motions while combo assist is on, But then you ■■■■■ up the motions, Will the game punish you for messing up as it usually does, or will the assist system “take over” and let you continue your combo as long as you hit a button?

You could use the ender assist but I don’t think you can choose which ender.

In my experience, players who aren’t having fun never WANT to learn, and WANTING to learn is the most key ingredient to growth.

If this unlocks some fun at the ‘im new, im mashing’ level, and doesn’t effect competitive play at all, its a purely positive thing imo.



Ki is fun tho i know allot friends who have learned from scratch because it is fun BUT THIS WILL HELP SO MUCH


People who learn the game this way, will never bother to then learn the regular way.

Killer Instinct, button masher heaven.


Can you answer the excellent question presented above about how will this work in combination with traits like around the world, etc?

This could be just a coincidence, but does the combo assist system (as well as the updates to combo breaker and lockout UI) Have anything to do with the fact that season one ultra edition is one of Januarys games with gold? I just think it smart.
With Ki coming to a ton of players, IG is taking quite a few steps to make the game as accessible and inviting as possible. Its just so cool to see a game adjust so quickly and intentionally to an outside event. Once again, props to IG (and DH) for making KI one of the best fighters out there.

I don’t think this will allow the use of combo traits.

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