Growing the Community: Combo Assist Mode Discussion

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Discuss Combo Assist Mode here! Lets make the KI community as big as we can and welcome new players!


This plus the HUD update plus Season 1 Ultra being free with Gold? You really do what to bring in new players. I agree. Season 3 will attteact new people. Well this can help a lot.


So basically you just gave everyone Riptor’s combo trait? (Technically a better version of Riptor’s combo trait since you can mix up the strength of the linker.) Can we please give Riptor a new combo trait, it felt kind of weak before but now it’s like she doesn’t even have one.

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The assist mode seems fine; but is there any reason to ever turn it off once you’ve gotten used to it? KI vets already have their muscle memory of course; but if you get used to Combo Assist, what’s the motivation to add in the special move motions later?

I’m not even saying that’s a bad thing… just wondering if this won’t just become the new KI normal. And maybe it should?


Riptor’s gives you a quicker-than-normal heavy linker with all the manual-after advantages there-of. I think its still pretty good.

The motivatin could be manuals I guess?

Even though normal controls work over top of Combo Assist controls, if you are using only Assist controls, you’ll only have access to two assist linkers and two assist enders. There are a lot of reasons to start learning the standard controls as you learn the basics of the game with Combo Assist. :smile:


I think this is a good idea and a beginner friendly option

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While it may be quicker it’s still pretty easily reactable since as soon as you see fire or tail whether it be for a double, manual, or linker, you know it’s a heavy. Idk, that’s a discussion for another time. Really interested in seeing if this system will work, I have a few guinea pig friends lined up!

I think this is a really cool idea, I know a couple people who would really enjoy KI but so far have had a lot of trouble with the controls and haven’t put much time into the game as a consequence. If there really is no advantage to using Assist mode, I don’t see how this is anything but great for our community and the new players we’ll see between the Games With Gold month, Season 3, and the PC port.

@Thekeits I expect to see some of your snarky comments when the elitists roll into the thread, because I’m sure they won’t like it. The UI update had them up in arms, I think you just upgraded them to torch-and-pitchfork status!


I guess the threads where I was trying to help a friend and what to do against new players has been answered.

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I see. Combo Assist limits your options somewhat. Thanks Keits.

When will it be available?

Not really. The assisted linkers and enders have limited options, but the standard controls still work with combo assist on, so you don’t lose access to them if you do them manually. Thats how we expect players to WANT to training wheels off of this control mode eventually if they desire.

you cant change people minds. this wont bring in anybody for more than 2 seconds.
game is already so easy to play. you know, theres no cure for lazyness.


Yeah, I get you. If you’re only using assisted combos, you have fewer options; but you can at any time start throwing in special move motions and expand your repertoire. Makes sense.

I really think this is a great idea :slight_smile:

That doesn’t seem to change much for a character with only two combo moves like Sadira lol.

How will this affect things character traits like the Around The Worlds, Orchid’s who can do multiple linkers, and Sabrewulf’s who has to press the same button for an extended Auto Double? Will they just not happen and go for normal combos?

And how do you choose which Ender you want to do?


Sorry if I sound dumb but I’ve been playing this game since launch and don’t even really understand what this assist mode does? I read the post but it’s complicated to understand even as a veteran.

It’s sad that you have to look for something in this to be negative about.

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