Growing KI

This convo was started at the KI Ultimate Fans facebook page.

I really need to be working but I got love for yall and this game. So … here goes. I used to always say all talk is talk until it’s walked.

|| THE TALK ||

A word on … “I/we tried to get KI going locally, but it just didnt work” … I don’t wanna hear it folks. If the goal isn’t reached, there’s work to be done. Simple as that.

We keep focusing on "oh no, our 4 year old game that has …

  1. gone thru more changes than Caitlyn Jenner
  2. been unfavorably handled by it’s publisher (Kilgore fund, MS NYC)
  3. been on a exclusive platform that had an non-promoted, randomly launched steam counterpart that doesnt have a shared ranked system
  4. all while several other way more established or popular FGs have either released or will release shortly
    … suddenly has low major numbers."
    But it seems only a few people are consistent in KI community-building stuff.

I get it, some people just want to come in to a huge community that they see on major tournament streams and play the game they like and not have to worry about the community-building part.

clears throat for RKelly voice lol
"Top players wanna play, ballers wanna ball, I just dont wanna see, KI fall at all, so listen cloooooosely …"

People want to say our KI reality is that no one wants to travel, (and that may be true) but why are we so focused on traveling to majors when it seems there aren’t many local KI communities to start off with in the first place. I got a strong feeling that many of us ARE NOT CONSISTENT when trying to build KI on a local level. We’ll try something out for a few weeks and if it’s not getting the immediate results, instead of reaching out for help, analyzing results, and trying again, we jus say “we tried but no one likes KI in my area” or “we tried but it jus didnt work out”.

Imo, It’s pretty clear that games with offline major numbers all seem to have solid local scenes.

I feel like we, the KI community, focus on top down rather than from the bottom up. To me this is backwards. Even in here, the largest KI group on fb, I don’t see many folks trying to recruit KI players to their local meetups, at least on a consistent basis. PLEASE be consistent with your local scene!!!

Also, if you’re doing something online, PLEASE be consistent in doing what you can do for the KI community online. You WILL be appreciated and your efforts WILL be worth it in time.

A few weeks for something weekly (or a few months for something monthly) of doing anything just isn’t consistent enough for a 1st time FGC community like KI’s.

I’ve been trying to get folks to come together and play KI for about a year now (with the help of local TO’s and great people) and I feel I gotta handle on how the ups and downs of bringing people together for KI can work. Of course i’m still learning myself, but if we look outside to the OG FGC’s, we’ll see that they ALL have locals, which ultimately foster the relationships to spread word about their game and go out to tournaments!

With that in mind, I’M CALLING OUT anyone that wants a KI scene in their area and I’m willing to show them what I do for our scene in our area. Yes, it’s work and yes, sometimes you may be the ONLY KI guy or jus a few of yall. But, we have a good time whenever we meet, we have rivals, we learn, we play KI!!!

And I swear, every other week, someone who has been meaning to come out actually COMES. And yes, we get new people to come out too!

My point is if you are doing something for KI online or are trying to foster a offline local community for KI, please be consistent and have the patience to let our community grow.

“Now I aint saying yall some weak quitters, but yall aint f*ckin wit no go getters!!!”
– Kanye to the KI community (calm down, dont get offended lol, im jus playing yall! ;D)

But for real, the game is ours now, how much fun we can have with it is on us! Let’s make it happen!

|| THE WALK ||

  • if this post speaks to you, challenge yourself to be consistent enough so that your KI endeavor grows. Give yourself at least 3 months of steadiness and re-evaluate how you can improve in what you’re doing, but keep it going or at least successfully pass the torch, so that the endeavor can live on.

  • if you have a local community or online endeavor, and want to share tech on how you’ve started and/or grown that community and different ways to continue promoting KI, feel free to join this group -

  • if you’ve seen a KI community rise and fall, please tell your story so that those that wanna see KI strive can learn from it

Some “keep the KI jeep riding” ideas that’ve been thrown out by folks have been:

  • to actually get blog editor’s to post about KI events
  • posting/reposting/sharing tech vids outside of just the ultra-combo forums
  • getting events and meetups on the meld
  • getting a website for KI folks to know “I’m here and I’m open to play KI” so we know who actually wants to play KI in an offline setting
  • organizing our online tourneys so the PCK’s and 8bits and KrossUp dont get burnt out and discouraged.
  • properly blasting info on the rotating weekly character to general fgc communities on fb, tw, reddit, discord, etc.

Happy New Year folks, let’s get organized and make this happen!


I’ll check out the facebook page. We have 2 players here in Poland, so it might be hard to make a scene, I’ll do my best online. Great post!!!

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I’ve actually been using More Popular Fighting Games to try and get my friends in KI… because they don’t Fighting Games at all.

And I gotta say it aint easy…

But I’ve got a plan… basically I’m going to do the same thing. Except I’l swap out Street Fighter with FIFA.

do you mind elaborating? :slight_smile: Are you saying they’re willing to try out more popular fighting games first and then they’ll actually try out KI?

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Not at all… they just have a severe aversion to anything they’ve never heard of…

So I gotta bait them in with some Street Fighter and Tekken… then if they reach that point of Frustration as I know they will eventually. I just slip in and say: “You know we can try KI… its like Street Fighter but WAAAAAAAAAAY BETTER !!!” And boom… I got’em right where I want’em… atleast thats how it works in theory.

Combo Assist is a huge help.

But it’s not really full proof… hence I need some way of doing the samething with FIFA.


One thing I’ve been doing pretty consistently is hosting an online tournament here on the forums. Anyone that is willing to come here and sign up is welcome to join. Currently there are 20 places left in the current tourney, and the prize is a Fulgore figure and T-shirt. If anyone wants to promote it, Here’s the link:


I absolutely love these tournaments btw! Ty for doing these!

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Don’t give up. There is still hope KI community.


I agree it’s still hope for More Killer Instinct to come