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As promised, here are some sets that happened last night, from the community, by the community. Enjoy guys.

Watch live at:

Season 3 Group Sets: RM MorbidHoagie (Kan-Ra/Spinal) vs. CursingK1337ex (Hisako/Various)

Season 3 Group Sets: InC Raven is Raw (Jago) vs. EctopicILLusion (Cinder)

Season 3 Group Sets: ShatterZoro (Shadow Jago) vs. TDB | ShadowCageNinja (Cinder)

Season 3 Group Sets: FightRashFight (Sabrewulf/Rash) vs. TDB | ShadowCageNinja (Cinder)

Season 3 Group Sets: C88 YouTuube (Gargos) vs. InC Raven is Raw (Spinal)

Season 3 Group Sets: Orochiimxru (Orchid) vs. LetalisVenator (Aganos)

Season 3 Group Sets: PaulB (Various) vs. LetalisVenator (Aganos/General RAAM)

Season 3 Group Sets: oS Aphex (Rash) vs. FightRashFight (Rash)

Season 3 Group Sets: BH Thompxson (Jago) vs. MisterSadFlumps (Sadira)


Thanks Bass! Appreciate it!


How does one get on group sets?

Simply ask when I’m streaming (in chat). (easiest method)

  • or -
    If you and someone else wanna fight, hit me up for arrangements.
  • or -
    ask me over XBL (no spam or you will be blocked) (If I don’t respond, clearly I’m busy).

FT10s only.
Connection must be good. Laggy sets will not get an upload.
Loser can switch, unless character lock.


I don’t twitch so I’ll go with the latter. I can do that. Everything else sounds good. I appreciate your speedy response and willingness to do this. @oTigerSpirit, you want to do it?

I’m game.

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I guess we can arrange it here. You got anytime you are available?

Tuesdays: All Day
Fridays: All Day, this week will have to be anytime after 5pm
Saturday: Usually all day
Sunday: Usually all day, until 6:30pm on this particular week.

Times are MST

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Ooh, I love the HUD overlay…

Wish i could be at this level :frowning:

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Just finished another one.

Season 3 Group Sets: BH Waterhorses (Spinal/Glacius) vs. DaytonJ (Tusk)

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Just checked one match real quick seeing it was @llPaulBll 's Mira versus our Aganos champ @LetalisVenator

Love both characters and was interested to see them used at a high level. Its really humbling to see a Mira used with such pressure from such a fragile doll (well done PaulB, if my skills werent so poor, I would ask you to give me some tips sometime)… I’m going to see if I can get some of it incorporated in my own mira play anyways,in case I ever need to go up against @Dayv0 again :smirk: Or @GalacticGeek

Still pretty good defense from aganos who weathered the attacks for some time…but even stone erodes when enough time passes…and Mira has enough time, seeing she is immortal :smiling_imp:

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Anytime you available later in the week? Me and Me and my opponent pretty much free

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I’m going to stream today and see if people wanna participate some more. Probably be on in about an hour and half.

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Another one.

Season 3 Group Sets: GTG ToneriXSk8 (Omen) vs. DaytonJ (Tusk)

Keep doing this work for the community Bass! We really appreciate it!

I watch rough sets/group sets all the time, makes for great study material and exposes Youtube to high level play that is usually lost in stream archives.

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I’ve said it before but these group sets (and rough sets as well) are a plethora of good information and a very fun watch especially when trying to improve with a particular character. Keep em up @UABass !

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Would be very interested in seeing this. Hope you guys put on a good show! :slight_smile:

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our sets are damn near close so you will be excited.

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im actually going to upload a set we played for the forums league.

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