Groove Music 4 Months Free!

FYI for anyone that likes to listen to back gorund music of your choice while playing games or just rocking out straight from your Xbox.
Groove music App has a 1 month free trial right now and they tack on another FREE 3 months if you sign up for the subscription.
You still dont pay anything until the 4 months is up and then you get charged $9.99 per month. Which you can cancel at anytime or before that date. You can also turn off Auto-renewal charge so you dont forget.

The app is available for your phone, PC and one drive as well.
There are hundreds of bands available…I mean I was finding the rarest Death Metal and Black metal on the planet and it was all there. I’ve been listening to Death, King Diamond, Symphony X, Morbid Angel, ect… while playing KI and you can link it up to Forza Horizon radio stations!

Honestly I dont see how anyone could pass this deal up if you love music!

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