Grinding mimics

Has anyone found a good way to farm mimics outside of normal and just trying to get to level 99 fighting everything that spawns?

I believe that mimics defeated by deployed characters also add towards your total. Don’t waste time fighting standard fighters except Omen, unless you really want the resources from questlines and the Fulgore testing mission. Don’t worry about increasing corruption, as you should naturally get 4 Omen fights well before any 3 zones max out.
Use the skipped missions to keep your characters healthy for more mimics and deploys. Also be on the lookout for choices which can cause mimics to flee or new ones to appear. Shadow missions are up to you.

Once you’ve unlocked a few mimic skins, you can choose to skip missions where those mimics turn up and thus fight Gargos more regularly. Bring in some characters who require Gargos kills - they only need to be in your team to get one, not take part in the fight. Eyedol’s special ability will make short work of Gargos and any Omens you want to kill, if you want to farm Gargos kills.

Nice good to know!

As @Lennsherr already noted, deployments and Gargos Runs are the way to go.
My strategy I used to get them all: Only fight/deploy against the mimics I needed, skip any I already have. This would bring out Omens. Defeat the Omens and then repeat. Maybe use Shadow Worms if necessary.

Does deploying still get that character XP toward leveling up?

No, it doesn’t.

I forget the name of the relic, but there is a craftable rare item that raises coruption around the world. If you use this item 5 times one after the other, you’ll raisie the coruption of the world to 100% automatically, and have to face a fully buffed Gargos.

This is the fastest way to get to Gargos, and thus the fastest way to get the points for the skins. That being said, you have to at least play some of the game to get the right ingredients to make that particular item. I think it takes 15 Shadow Particles, and a few Astral Gems.

All that being said, the Shadow Particle ingredient is a random one (just like all the other ones), but it is one you should get fairly regularly. I’ve got about 45 of these relics in my inventory right now, and man do I look forward to blowing all these things in lieu spending 15 to 20 min on the boss rush method.

Which brings me to the second strat, the “boss rush” method.

Some have already outlined it in this thread, but all it is is deploying as much (read that as “as little”) as possible to still be able to progress/skip turns and move ahead. Fight only omens, or better yet, only fight Gargos. On Normal difficulty (now after this latest patch especially) even a fully buffed Gargos is a breeze, even easier if you have some decent killer or epic guardians.

In doing this boss rush method I’ve been able to take down Gargos 3 or 4 times in an hour. And now I only have 6 skins left (2 or 3 of which I’m definitely using that relic I talked above to mow through).

What he said. Each Gargos win is worth 5 mimmics, so make a team with the characters who’s mimmics you want and just boss battle. The ones that really suck are the Gargos only mimmics, like the guests, Gargos, and Eyedol. I am working on Eyedol right now