Grinding health packs

Idk about anyone else but I feel like grinding the 800 health packs and not using any health potions and just keepin wiping till you have a a massive number would make things so easy.

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My “advice” is to utilize those Artifacts you get to maintain health. Find a combo that works for you!


You could just stick on nanobots…

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Ya but imagine grinding like 20 of those packs and never having to worry about losing too much health. Lol I mean just something fun I thought of trying. Already beat challenging without any real
Issues other then Kim wu constantly having no health cuz I suck with her.

Sure, keep buying those packs.

Eventually you’ll find some skull missions and you’ll wish you spent that currency on guardians/artifacts :slight_smile:

Health packs are very valuable, but having tools to end fights quicker can be just as valuable if not moreso. For example, being able to end a fight in 3-4 combos without taking much damage at all with the Damage Boosts, Free Shadow, or The Snake Guardian can prevent you from taking damage all together.

Plus, it’s in your best interest to use Nanobots rather than straight healing items because the bots can apply the same bonus as a Scroll of Restore, but repeatedly over the course of a few days. Also, make use of the Vampire Bat. It can provide you with not only more health to keep you going, but more Shadow or Instinct to make you more effective in combat.

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