Grettings folks, semi professional Project M player and streamer, but professional drunk joining the KI world!

Howdy there Killer Instinct community, I’m Mr.Pickle, and I’m a Project M player, which if you don’t know what that is it’s a mod of brawl to make it more like melee, a professional drunk, and a barely semi professional streamer from TN, and I’d like to introduce myself to the community. So I grew up with the og killer instinct, and I’m really enjoying this game so far, especially since it became available for pc lol. So hopefully you’ll be seeing me more often on these boards, and I’m also excited to get to know you duders, and soak up all the info involving this game! Also side note, since I’m a Project M player, it’s fairly pointless for me to stream on twitch, since they don’t support pm, so I’ll be doing all my streaming on hitbox, I know it’s not the norm, so sorry for the inconvenience. If you wanna check me out, I’ll be here, but don’t feel obligated to watch, only if you’re interested and don’t mind hitbox.

Again, I’m really excited about this game, good meeting everyone, and be prepared to see me around these boards! I’ll be on the grind, so don’t be shy in exposing me to some sweet KI deets, and I look foward to leaning this game!



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Fight On! (see what i did here?)

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If you’re a smash player, try Rash. You’ll love him lol.


welcome man! have fun with the game, share your experience and ask us anything. You’ll soon discover this community to be one of the best in the entire FGC:)

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Project M best Smash game. If Nintendo made Project M instead of Brawl, the Smash landscape would look way, way different today.

In particular, I would still be playing Smash.


Welcome @DrMrPickle! Glad to hear you’re enjoying the game thus far. Have you settled on a main character yet?

I used to project m, but I don’t have a computer that can do netplay and practicing against CPUs was boring, so now I do for glory/smashladder on Wii U. KI is actually pretty easy to get used to after playing smash as my only fighter for a long time, and before the rank reset I got to killer in two months. Playing PM won’t really affect character choice, as there is no multishining or wavedashers in this game. I play smash 4, but instead of a tame or “fair” character I picked Riptor. Good luck!

Not sure who to recommend since I don’t know much about Smash. Who do you play?

If you like Smash, you should play Cinder. He feels the most similar IMO.

I don’t want to turn this into a PM hate thread but I’ll say this: I really enjoyed PM until 3.5 came out and made everything less fun for the sake of balance. Also, some Melee fans are obnoxious.

I like Smash 4 a lot but all the games have problems.

Welcome dude! Thanks for saying hello! You will have lots of fun with this game. If you have ANY questions, be sure to ask!


Welcome to KI and the forums! You may find that the more time you invest into the game, the more you’ll enjoy it.

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Wow thank you guys so much for the totally radtascular welcome! I’ve heard pretty good things about the KI community, and this is some strong evidence to support that claim xD. It’s actually funny someone suggested rash, as that’s actually the character I plan on maining. He’s a completely silly jerk, which being a wario main in project m, is right up my alley. The only thing I don’t like about him is this run cancel boot being safe nonsense I’ve been reading about, kinda janky but it’s still pretty early to tell. Besides rash I’m really digging on cinder and fulgore, and I might try riptor as she was my girl in the first KI, but that’ll have to wait. Honestly though, I really like the entire roster a lot, I haven’t found anyone so far that I don’t like, at least a little.

Again thanks guys, I really appreciate the warm welcome! And if I have any questions I’ll be sure to ask!


Great to know you’re appreciating our support :slight_smile: Hope you have some fun playing online and we hope to run into you!

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I’m loving every bit of duder, thanks a ton guys, and hopefully you will. So far my online experience has been pretty good, the connection is great, the peeps are usually pretty nice, and I’m learning a bunch. I somehow managed to fraud my way into gold rank, so it’s getting a little crazy when I do ranked xD. The dudes in Killer rank especially, I got totally bopped by thunder last night, got a lot closer game two though, which btw best of 3 in ranked is amazing.

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