Green screen help for KI

I am need help with green screens. First off I know what they are, and what they are for, but that is it. I have asked a few streamers for help with questions, but I am blown off every time. I am not trying to start a fight about which on is the best, I just need to know what I need to look for, and a price range “very important :slight_smile:

Now what I have seen online just looks like a green cloth. Is that really what it is? If that is it, how does it work with computer software to hide that it is a green cloth, and are able to change what you are standing in front of, or hide it all together?
The reason I would like one is so I and my son can stream KI with style and not have the background of our rooms showing.

Any help on this would be very appreciated

Here’s a link to one of the green screens I use.

Depending on what streaming software you are using. I would just google how to set up a green screen for that particular program. I myself use OBS to stream and it’s pretty easy to set that up. I can’t speak for XSPLIT 'cause I’ve never used it. Hope this helps.

Thank you so much. Now I know I was looking at the wrong green screen. I think I was just looking at colored back drops for photo shoots.

Here’s a YouTube video showing you how to setup OBA for quick setup, from there you can customize it yourself afterwards.

Hope it helps.

And good luck,

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