Great Things in 3.1

  1. Xbox Version’s menu no longer has lag. Is perfect! So smooth.
  2. Tusk’s forehead no longer clips through his Valhalla helmet.
  3. Level 4 cinematic ender toggle.

Add to the list.




well DUH


Spinal nerf :smiling_imp:



I had enough time to play Mira at lunch with a best of 5 set against Maya. I barely won 3-2 on Very Hard difficulty.

I think the best option (for me) is to try and open most combo’s with a jump in attack or Fwd HP to cut down on special moves and rarely start with Opener to linker. The less special moves and more normal’s the better.

But all in all Id say she is pretty fun to play… the Life bar system keep you on your toes where noramlly you wouldnt be thinking this way. I like it… its…Fresh and New.

Leave it to IG to come up with something new and exciting. great job @TheKeits

I liked playing her also. I got a few rounds in before i had to leave. What I found myself doing was a set of 2 combos. First combo set I end with the damage ender for 50-70% damage. Then there next combo with the healing ender to get back the health from the first combo. Also I use the healing move as my anti air.

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Where you able to land the Mortal Kombat upper cut? lol I couldnt get it to work like MK.

Have not tried it. I only got to play about 8 matches, and that was mostly spent watching my health when I did moves.

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Don’t forget the wrecking ball nerf! :imp:

What is the nerf for the WB? Did they remove the armor from it?

Reduced the blockstun from Wrecking Ball by 6 frames. (This change was made so that more characters have anti-air punishment options after blocking this move, especially taller characters. This move was already fairly unsafe against most of the cast, but all characters should have additional options now for challenging followups to Wrecking Ball on block.)

Shago’s Dark Fury changes. I’ll take it.

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color 7 for retros!!

anyone know if thats for all characters? or just the S3 characters? im not home yet :frowning:

It’s just Season 3.

ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh thats a huge bummer


They also fixed some of the crash issues people were having on Win10, more specifically when matchmaking.

I think there’s been some fix for the washed out colors, crushed blacks and wacky contrast on some stages. Looks better overall.