Great idea for a Rash stage!

if rash is going to be part of a fighting game, then it deserves a great stage that represents one of the battletoads games!
here is a picture of a stage in (Battletoads/Double Dragon) called Blag alley!

please make this possible!


I like this too.

I def think a form of turbo tunnel should be the stage with hoverbikes speeding past in the background. When you Ultra, the bikes all start crashing or something.

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yeah, both players have to fight the stage, no one wins ever.

and thats why my sugestion was better

Sadly I don’t think it really matters what stage we want him to have, since they’ve already decided stages aren’t important this season. D:

Why dont you give yourself a hug then.

the easiest to do is turbo tunnel as you fight zits rides around in the back and after a bit of time he crashes and starts the loop again

Like all stages as the fight progresses you get to the later parts of the turbo tunnel

As a stage ultra you can launch the enemy into the background so zits could hit them

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