Grapplers in KI's future

With the survey results and confirmed support for KI in the next few months, speculation for the existence of a fourth season is upon us. That being said, I would like to have a discussion on grapplers in KI.

I’ll start by saying that I appreciate RAAM’s inclusion as both a diehard Gears fan and a grappler fan. I’ve played a lot of Fulgore, Glacius, and Spinal since I picked up S1 through Xbox Games With Gold, and then later got to enjoy Aganos and Riptor when I managed to get the cash for S2. When I saw some “hints” toward RAAM being in the game, I was excited, and when I found out he was a grappler, I knew he would be the perfect character for me.

Now, guest controversy aside, RAAM managed to spice up the game by being KI’s first “true” grappler. I was wondering how everyone would feel about a new grappler in S4. Personally, I think we should get another one for the sake of variety. We have Gargos and Glacius for zoning. We’ve got a lot of rushdown too with people like Sabrewulf and Riptor. Why not give us another grappler or two?

I apologize if I seem to be coming off as selfish or ungrateful. I just want to have some more options as a grappler fan. I also apologize for the wall of text. How do you guys feel about more grapplers coming into KI?


I agree.

However, a decent walkspeed and jump would be welcome as there can be too many things to avoid at once depending on the opponent (Aria, Omen, Gargos,…), IMO.

I think that could be a fun way to at least make the grapplers different to an extent. RAAM seems to be more about armoring through/absorbing projectiles while inching forward. Maybe a new grappler could have a command dash or something to help him/her close in on opponents.

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I honestly think if RAAM had more fluid or animated moves it would have made him good enough for the only grappler. But, I do like how lore-friendly RAAMs move-set is so I can understand wanting another grappler to add variety.

I would honestly like a Gief in KI. Spinning, tornado, cyclone piledrivers, exaggerated suplexes, backbreakers, the works. Basically a wrestler or something that physically dominates a character with a variety of slams and drops. No knife, no weapons, pure brute strength.



She would be too strong, but I had actually hoped that once Maya loses her daggers that her moveset would be replaced by grappling moves. Now I find Maya just boring when not having her daggers (animations play a role here too)

I’d love a chain grappler, able to chain throws or holds together. Able to pick you out of the air,on the ground and air.
Maybe a frankensteins monster trope


If it worked into the combo system call me in trigued.

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i would love a character with a diagonal jump grab, an AA grab like Hugo’s or Alex’s in sf3. I know we have Mira, but that’s not really a grab that hurts, in fact, it doesn’t hurt at all. I’d like also a character with command grab as linkers and/or grab chains, like king. A real wrestler.

So on this note let me think of what a grappler like that might look like.

Two things immediately spring to mind and that’s two command grabs one a ground based and another a leaping one sort of like a dp that snatches people up. The ground base one determines strength and distance of the command grab as you dsah forward. The leaping one however does differnet thigns based on strengths. The light is full invuln but ends in a soft knockdown like a DP, the medium is a hard knock down, the heavy does an OTG bounce which allows you to juggle or snatch them out of the air again with the leaping command grab. On a side note the leaping one shouldn’t have the greatest angles since you can’t block it. Maybe straight up? Dunno, might be easier to make it blockable.

As linkers the grounded one slams the person side to side based on the strength of the linker. Where you break is the side you end up on. The leaping one can’t be used as a linker and is an automatic hard knock down ender. The ground slam is his damage ender.

The third special move would be a short range charge, upper body invulnerable and functions as his only real opener. Linkers for this are pretty standard but very fast and least damaging compared to his command grab linker. Ender is his wallsplat.

The sharkman they were talking about kind of fits this theme lots of shaking the dude about and leaping around. My thoughts on general feel is that he’s very much about forward momentum with limited mobility whenever he has to go backwards (not unlike how a shark constantly swims forward). That makes him great moving forward but terrible when pressured himself.

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I really like that idea.


@BubbRubb4Real was thinking of something like that I believe.

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I would love a character that focus on air grapples o think it would be super neat

I remember suggesting an air grappler character back during the season 2 forums.

Like a baby of sadira and ram is where I’m thinking it could be cool

Could it be an insectoid character?

Sure. I just like the idea of a air grappler and if it looks awesome

Sure, let’s hope it’s not a gues tthis time. : p

I know the gorgon will likely zone with arrows and stuff but I can see a grappler potential giving the very nature of constricting snakes.

I was thinking about the shark character being a grappler who uses bites for command grabs despite being proposed as a rushdown character in the survey.

seeing as it may take alot of T.Js gameplay there’s really no way of knowing.

I wrote a post with Eagle as grappler some time ago: