Graphics comparison videos / stills

Hey guys

Ive attached all the graphics upgrades in atill images comparisons. What does everyine think?

I love 90% of the upgrades. The only things I dont like are:

1 Metal doesn’t shine or sparkle anymore
2 Less scripted shadows shown on start up poses
3 No cloud shadows on omens or Jagos stage
4 some charters can look a bit yellow

What do you think?







#Sabre Wulf









#TJ Combo



These were awesome. Thanks for making them. <3
The new lighting really makes the stages look tons better, imo.

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Jago’s relighting is pretty great, makes me actually feel cold lol maybe a bit too bright near the center? Could just be me.

I will note that Agano’s stage is pretty bad. The lighting looks off and artificial. Moreover, the focus is no longer in the background because of the brightness decrease so it can feel odd at times with the shading on characters.

I really like aganos. The cave now looks real.

The sun light streaming in is brilliant.

I wish there was an option to choose which graphics style you want to use. I really like the old style, much closer to the original KI Gold look. I’m talking about the characters, everything else does look better now though.