Graphics comparison: KI & KI2 Arcade Vs. KI SNES & KI Gold


Just found those on YT. Nuff said. Enjoy.


The SNES was fine, KI was a beast! But I got the idea the N64 (Ultra called before) was going to be the exact arcade game. I was dissapointed by it, for real. I obviously expected more based on what magazines said. That was the problem. And then the N64 D-pad was very hard for a FG, I got blisters after playing for 2 hours.


LOL…between the SNES & N64 cotrollers I’ve had a callus on my thumb for…about 20 years now…wow, I’m getting old…


That’s why I never bought N64, they lied throught their teeth that it was going to be direct replicas of the Arcade. They were trying to do what NEO GEO was doing in Japan where the arcade cabinets of all their games were the exact cartridges that you were pretty much putting in the NEO GEO console.

I never went back to Nintendo since then. Nintendo’s best console was their NES and SNES.


I still have an Ultra 64 shirt I bought through Nintendo Power. I was very disappointed with the delays and the waiting I was just happy to get it for any system in the end.


I always loved the ‘feel’ of the SNES KI game. It felt so fast (mainly due to cut sprites) and I loved that.


I heard KI 2 was in development, and completed for the SNES. It unfortunately got cancelled due to the Ultra 64. I wonder how it would’ve looked, considering the original KI beta footage on SNES had better graphics due to the bigger cartridge


It would be awesome if it got “leaked” somehow just for historic purpose.


Yeah, but if that happened you know there would be so many people that would just run wild with it…It would not surprise me at all if in no time we saw places selling KI2 repro carts…and you know I would have to get one…wait what?


I think that would be fine. MS can not make any real money from a “cut-down” version of the game. Heck, I don’t think the arcade original has any value in term of retail, lol. Repro carts would sell in such a low volume to novelty fans for it to matter much.


This is pretty neat!

Now how about a comparison using Killer Instinct for Game Boy. :nerd:


I love those videos!


Kinda hard to compare them when they’re not synced up at all.


I got the KI wrist watch from the N-Gear catalog. I think I was the only one who bought it because I have yet to see any images or pages mentioning it on the internet… Could be worth millions by now!?! LOL!


KI gold will always have a spot in my heart lol. I remember waking up Christmas morning and opening it, it was the one game I wanted at the time.