Got killer instinct 1 and 2 season bundle and didn't get all my add-ons

was supposed to get all accessories and costumes, but they’re still locked

So I’m guessing you bought the Ultra Editions of both? You don’t unlock all accessories and costumes immediately. You get all Retro colors, but you have to level up your character to unlock their accessories.

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ok, thanks for the reply

All of the Retro costumes and Premium accessories should be unlocked, though.

If they aren’t, either something hasn’t finished downloading or there could be a problem.

I have all retro costumes, and retro accessories. It says that it includes ALL though, that’s false advertising

No, you’re not reading it right. All costumes means you get all of the Retro costumes (which are only purchaseable in a bundle or as individual DLC) and the PREMIUM ACCESSORIES; the additional colors and the alternative colored accessories are not included, not listed in the item, and will unlock as you play.

For example; Thunder’s “biker” costume is the Retro, which includes all the Retro accessories; but on his main costume, the Premium Accessory set is the bear set - the others are normal accessories.

Essentially, the key words are Premium and Retro. Colors and normal accessories aren’t part of it, the same as the player card taunts and emblems.

All costumes = All DLC costumes = One retro costume per character
All PREMIUM accessories = One paid accessory kit per character

I don’t see any false advertising.

oic, thank you for clarifying that, makes sense now

no problem. Just be careful about using terms like “false advertising” until you have a complete understanding of the situation!

Best to avoid inviting hard feelings from both the community and devs.

true that

how do I remove this post anyone?

You can probably tag @rukizzel the community manager and he can take it down for you.

I wouldn’t worry overly much. Once we stop replying it will fall to the bottom of the list pretty fast.

Welcome to KI, by the way!

I also bought the add ons and they seem to not be available…at this time it don’t matter if I have the retro costumes or not…please please help!

Wow, quite the thread necro.

Can you confirm exactly what the issue is that you’re having?

You purchased which packs, on what platform, and what content is not available?

Xbox one season 1 and 2 . The characters are not available

And you’re using the same account that you purchased the content with, and you’ve confirmed the content has downloaded?

If so, perhaps @KRAKENJIMMY can help you.

Hi just saw this. LMK if this is still an issue. I will need to know what editions you bought (KI Season1 & 2 combo breaker, ultimate?), what platform you bought it on (xbox store or win10) and what you are playing on (version of xbox one or win10). What characters are showing- screen shot super helpful here). Also what region you are in (send me a direct message if you do not want to share any of this here). I will do my best to help you gets fixed up, note that I am working during PST timezone so bear with the delays

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