Got bagged in shadow survival

I’m new to the game and started shadow survival yesterday, at the 250 tier I faced an Eyedol who kept bagging me and eventually he did a double ultra on me. Is this typical?

Seems like it’d take a lot of wasted time to teach your shadow to double ultra lol.

I wouldb’t mae a big deal out of it, just focus on whippin’ his ■■■

The lower the level of the shadow usually means it will bag you because it’s pretty funny to teach a shadow you don’t care for to teabag anything that moves. The higher cost shadows are usually relentless with their attacks or blocking anything that comes their way and have no time to teabag because they don’t want to upset their masters. As for my shadows I teach them to ultra anyone as many times as possible because if someone loses to my shadow they deserve to be as salty as can be where as I don’t ultra anyone online unless they’re d.bags.

Yes, you can teach your shadow to teabag and double ultra, etc. A shadow that teabags a lot doesn’t block a lot…

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lol I wasn’t salty btw it was very funny, but also very surprising

Your shadow records what ever you do. Do if you have a match were a troll is tea bagging you and then you double ultra him and tea bag him then record it. Well… your shadow is going to do that again.
My Shadow will definitely double ultra you becasue well… I double ultra a lot of AI matches and a lot of trolls.
It may TB every once in a while but that doesnt mean I TB every player I come across.

Now if it is constantly TBaggin all across the screen then they probably purposely trained it to do so just to be a troll.

Troll shadow lol. But if you play the AI this will also crouch on you a lot. I don’t know this game just like being disrespectful most of the time.

I love when a shadow stops a combo, then taunts. It is so beautiful. It is like a free combo for no reason. I can’t get enough of people training their shadows to do dumb things. The only thing that would be better is if they were 1000 point shadows.

Congrats to the people that would rather train the shadow to bag instead of win.

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Doesn’t take long to teach a shadow, if the player does it the shadow will too. The person responsible probably never even tried to teach it, the shadow just picked up on its creator’s behaviors.