Good Laptop for both SFV and KI

Looking for a good laptop that can handle both SFV and KI. I dont think the specs for KI PC have been released yet but assumed they are similar to SFV. Any recommendations?

Don’t want an Alienware laptop or buy a PS4. Doesn’t need to be run at high resolution. Medium specs.

Razer laptops? A couple gaming branded laptops are also on Amazon if you were interested.

The main problem with any laptop is that if you run any game that requires decent - good specs, it will heat up your laptop. I remember playing DayZ or some other game and the metal on my frame got really hot to the touch. If you get one, make sure you buy a portable fan that you can sit your laptop on and turn off the lights on your keyboard, or at least dim them.

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Don’t forget about Marvel Heroes!
I’m waiting for it to show up in PS4

Alright, but before i answer your question i must ask.

What is the budget you’re looking to spend on a laptop?

Under $1,000

Not looking for anything amazing. Medium settings at 60 FPS will be good enough

Here’s one

or this one

or this

I can go and find more. but these will do for any freaking game you have in mind.

I can attest to this. I got a portable fan to sit underneath my laptop for Fallout 3, it does make a world of difference. It’s the difference of almost 10-15 degrees F.

A bit more advice is that you should regularly used compressed air to clean out your heat sinks. You’d be surprised at how even a little dust can settle on them and raise the levels in your laptop. You can notice a night and day difference in how hard your computer is running the cooling fan.

On that note, the PC release is around 2 months away now. IG really ought to release some min/recommended specs for it soon. Depending on those, I may or may not be getting it right away. Since I have it on Xbox, there’s no pressure on getting it for the PC too soon.

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