Good internet providers?

For those of you who have played with me in the past you should know that i suffer from seriously bad connection problems which is all down to my **** internet.

My current provider is TalkTalk but we didnt choose to join them. I was originally with AOL (yes i know :joy::joy:) which were then bought out by TalkTalk.

Does anyone know any good UK providers that arnt too expensive? Im only a teenager so obviously i live with my parents and im gonna attempt to convince them that if you google something it shouldnt take 20 minutes for a responce :joy::joy:

Does anyone know good UK providers?

EDIT- My internet is 1.7mbps down and 0.7mbps up

Thanks in advance!

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I`m on same boat as you, just I am in Poland.

Sorry for not giving valuable input, just wanted to relate ;__;

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@WandaMaximoff might could share his thoughts on this. Since he lives in London?

Im in America and my ISP is Xfinity. My current Speed max i pay for is 150mps… but its stays in the 121 mps average range when i check it. Sometimes it drops to 50mps, which it shouldn’t, but since I moved it has been very inconsistent.
that is why I decided to make my NAT type Open to ensure I had everything in the best position for fasted speeds.

My advice is NEVER use WiFi, always use an Ethernet connection line from modem to the back of your Xbox.

So 3 things you can do

  1. Find the best ISP in your area
  2. Always use a line connection
  3. Set NAT to Open

Not much else you can do.

Unfortunately a wired connection isint possibe in my house as the router is on the other side of my house from my xbox (in the only place it can go).

Sky. The WiFi box comes free with the paid HD console I believe.

That’s how it worked for us. Sky+ HD is perfect imo

you cant run a long cable? i ran a 30 ft cable across my old house… still use the same cable but just shorter distance. the have some other device that works though the electrical socket as well.

I can only relate. AT&T is my only available option as an ISP, and I’m already getting their best service for my area, which (paid techs $300 to wire the whole house), at best, is 6mbps down, 1mbps up, wired, with 40ms latency. They promise better service (but didn’t say how much better, or even how much more expensive) by 2018-2020.

Yeah, thanks AT&T… Living out in the country sucks! I want Goggle Fiber speeds damnit! :rage:

I’d quit them if I could, but they’re my only option, so it’s either them or no Internet at all. Even worse, if I do leave them, they’ve said that I can’t then come back… :’(

Don’t go with virgin they are awful in my area nothing but trouble!!!

Although the very I’d still good enough for ki they gave him bring super fast to almost dial up speeds due to too many people on the network

I think bt is pretty stable…