Good Ideas

I guess this would be more for the developers. With the launch of shadow lords around the corner. What were some of the suggestions made in this forum are considered worth being put in the launch version? I guess its kind of like bragging rights for us as testers. Pretty much the whole shadow lords category in the forums.

I think we’ll have to wait and see what the patch notes reveal.


Oh yeah the patch notes! Why did I forget about the patch notes?

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A few things.

  1. Shadow Lords Early Access is still ongoing, so there’s still going to be feedback incoming for a while. This means we probably won’t see a definite answer on what made it in until launch.

2)Shadow Lords, much like the rest of Killer Instinct is going to be constantly updated post-launch. New quests, items, guardians, features, and balance adjustments will be made months after launch. This means that feedback will also still be helping to constantly mold the mode.

Basically, just wait for the patch notes. It don’t expect anything to be final. We still have just under 2 weeks to go until the mode is released. A lot of changes can happen in that time.