Good gaming chair

Hey all, I thought I would throw this out to the community. I have a setup with a sit down X-arcade cabinet from RecRoomMasters, and when I got it I bought a couple of bar stool type chairs so they would both fit at the cabinet. They work fine, but aren’t so comfortable after a while. Since 99% of the time it’s just me playing without a second player, does anyone have any recommendations for a good gaming chair that will work okay for a sit down cabinet?

I see all these streamers sitting in crazy, loud colored gaming chairs that look like race car seats. Are those any good or are they just supposed to look cool?

I have tried many chairs during my gaming time. I’m currently using something like this, and it’s godlike

Comfortable for hours!


I dunno what the criteria for a “gaming chair” is other than being comfortable and not having arms.

Speaking of which, I do remember a stream for street fighter where they had those big awkward race car seat chairs with arms on it, and the players just rolled them aside and brought up armless seats from the spectator area…must have been awkward for the chair company.

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Yeah fancy gaming chairs do not mix with fighting games well. I had a local gaming cafe throw a SFIV tournament and they set up all these fancy chairs and none of the players could hold their sticks properly. They ended up grabbing a few chairs from the neighboring starbucks. They also had the games set up on these fancy 60 inch TVs and they couldn’t understand why people were complaining about lag. That one confused me, surely FPS players also care about TV lag?

In general I find I don’t really like chairs with arms; they get in the way of me trying to do things or sit a certain way more often than they ever provide any actual comfort.

The older I get the more I realize I need to find a big comfy chair like my pops used to have. I tend to like to “sit up” when I play games, which is why I think I do so much gaming at my computer/work-station (console is set on a third monitor), but man do I miss good ol living room gaming.

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I have to sit straight up with back support so I dont hunch over or lean too far back. I really want a nice chair as well but I just cant decide on what’s best becasue I cant test them out personally.

I have a really nice lazy boy recliner, when I slide it to be directly in front of the TV it feels great…but…I cant do that daily. So currently I just pile up the couch cushions behind be and hope for the best! lol

let me know what you figure out, I trust your decision :slight_smile:

I actually have a fairly good recliner for my normal couch gaming. Which is great. I’m trying to get something for my arcade setup. I’m increasingly likely to just stick with the stools and then try not to spend four hours in a row sitting at my arcade because that’s probably not good for me anyway, lol. I will let you know if I decide to get anything special.

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