Good, cheap and big monitors

So, one of the side effects of playing SFV on my PC is that when I hooked it up to my TV this week I became painfully aware of how input lag differed between the two setups and it greatly affected my game while I adjusted. I have a Samsung 46" TV running in game mode and by TV standards it’s supposed to have a pretty good latency of around 37ms. My computer monitor is nothing fancy, a 20" Dell something or other that supposedly has a 12ms delay.

Sadly, I can’t un-see how this affects the timing on simple things like jump kicks and crossovers and I am now hung up on the idea that I might greatly improve things like my manual timing and shadow breaking in KI. So now I have to agonize over whether to buy a monitor. While I sort it out I thought I would ask you guys for some info.

Anyone got any ideas about a reasonably big monitor that I might get (bigger than 26") that won’t break the bank and will improve my input lag? What about things like projectors? I have a few nickels to rub together but it’s hard to justify spending a ton in such a specialized luxury item.

Any and all info is appreciated.

Don’t know how often it’s updated but surely this should help you out a little.

This is super helpful, and it’s where I got the numbers for my existing displays. But it is also very incomplete so I thought people on here might have some info.

Unfortunately I can’t find a single online retailer that lets your browse TV’s by latency, so you’re going to have to do your own research… I suggest checking out . From there you’re going to have to read reviews to get the details on latency and other (usually page 2 of the review). You should also look up your TV while there, they may have some setting tweaks to improve quality.

How long have you had your new TV?

Thanks man.

The TV is actually old. I got it as my primary TV probably 5 years ago (give or take). I just now hooked my computer to it because it was sitting unused in a closet (having been replaced) and I decided to build a more or less dedicated arcade setup to play my fighting games on. I bought an awesome pedestal from and I have the TV (which is really too big for it) on a pedestal behind the arcade setup. I love the setup, but since I have been playing SFV on my computer monitor and then moved it to the arcade setup, I realize the latency issue. I believe the tv has about 37ms latency, so it’s actually pretty good as TVs go. In a way this makes it harder because I need to find something really good if I’m going to see an improvement. I know this is a longshot, but I’m going to try.

I can’t look at the link now because I’m at work (sneaking a chance to haunt the forums), but I will investigate it tonight. I really appreciate you posting it.

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I seen a bad asssss SONY TV at best buy the other day Ultra 4K 55 inch and made for SONY PS4 gaming! Its was only 855$ It had the SOny PS4 logos all over it and even had a picture of MKX and other games on it.

I wanted it so bad!!!