Gonna take a break for a bit

With all this S3 hype these forums are just getting spammed with non sense…

People asking for buffs and nerfs before a character is even released…

every other new post is about a “new character” gather all your pokemon yugioh and magic cards and throw em out a window and any that face up “needs to be in the game”

So any serious or posts with some value are just going to drown out, so no point in even posting ATM. Maybe some here and there, but i’ll wait till some of the hype train de rails.

Just sayin cuz i know u guys love me, and all agree with me 100% of the time.

“all agree with me 100% of the time” http://giphy.com/gifs/amused-SG7TVYZoBJKxy What does trading cards have to


I never understood goodbye threads. Who cares if I’m leaving a forum. Nobody will miss me. It’s a forum. I’m here because the devs are here. I they weren’t, I wouldn’t even post. Let alone open “cause reasons” threads.

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Well I got u on my friends list so we can always battle it out online :sunglasses:

fare thee well, goodluck!

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I don’t know about the forums, but I’m taking a break from KI at the moment… probably will until Season 3 hits. I just don’t want to work on anyone right now knowing that in a couple of weeks I’ll have to relearn how to play them all over again. Plus I just got an OG Xbox, so I’m gonna play around with that a bit. Mega Man Anniversary Collection, NInja Gaiden Black, & Half-Life 2, which I’ve never played before…yeah, that’s what I’ll be doing in the meantime.

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I know what you mean with the season 3 character nerfs and stuff. I have to figure out something new with kan ra since you have to change the way you play with him now. Who do you main?

Hmm…that’s kinda hard to say…I’m pretty good with both Jagos, Glacius, & Fulgore…I don’t know if I could really say I’m much better with any one of them though.

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