Goldvssilver is BACK on the forums!

I know you guys missed me XD I am back the infamous Eyedol Stan is here to stay. I have a good Post coming up soon about some REALLY GOOD ideas I thought of. Keep an eye out for that! <3 :heart:

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Remains apprehensive.

Who are you again?
Edit: A Kappa face was supposed to show up after my comment, but this site didn’t get the code. :J

I will be addressing something shortly to my fans and the KI family. <3

I’m sorry but I have no idea who you are.


LOL me niether

I somehwat remember you?..

Guys! Guys! You all will know me soon… #PlayKI

Gonna need more than that

Yeah lol, who da?


What do you think about eyedol?