Golden Glacius skin?


Nope, its just color 5 (green) on ARIA’s stage.

What is with the lighting in this game? Sorry for the cheesy thread title. :stuck_out_tongue:


That gold skin looks sick though.

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Glacius does have a gold skin already that isn’t green lol

It looks fantastic in that screenshot though.


Woah, that is bizarre–but nice! Now I’m tempted to go see what his actual golden skin looks like on this stage. Thanks for sharing!

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Cheese aside, I’m still waiting on that glacius color 10 figure.


Maybe the sunlight is being reflected. idk lol


I noticed while playing tonight that the visuals have changed again.? Is it just me or does the game look different?? I started playing on a tv I hadn’t played on before so maybe it was just that? lol

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Glacius color 9 looks really blue in kanra’s stage.

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They all look a little different to me lol