Golden chance on bringing Metal Gear Rising Raiden as a guest?

The ultimate guest character for Killer Instinct. Could that be possible… I think Raiden from Metal Gear fits perfectly with KI universe so im wondering if Platinum Games would help with this task by allowing this character become a real guest in Killer Instinct since they are now working with Microsoft on the Scalebound game. There`s a potential IP issue but it can be solved by a crowfunding for paying them (Konami i guess) royalties for use the character on another game. Someone pls, bring Metal Gear Raiden on Killer Instinct.

He`s fighting style may work like Galford from Samurai Shodown. Imagine having MG Raiden and Blade Wolf fighting together on Killer Instinct. Hype!

Raiden is owned by Konami not Platinum games. Platinum was just contracted to make Rising after Kojimias team failed. So no this can’t happen with the relationship with Scalebound.

Yep… Could be perfect! We will finaly have a Real Ninja! But… like SLHIlmKeith says… Raiden is owned by Konami not Platinum Games :frowning:

Platinum wouldn’t have a say on it unfortunately. Would be a good fit as he has a weapon. Not a personal favourite of mine however.

I hope not. Not a fan of guest characters but having them I hope they keep it Microsoft Characters.

I think it’d be more likely that the kid with the dragon arm and headphones from Scalebound would likely make it in rather than Raiden from MG.

Looks like KI is on the verge of becoming the long sought smash clone for xbox. Without the clone part…


A lot of people may not like that, but I personally don’t think I’d mind it too much. It’s got great all-around game mechanics and the name of the game, Killer Instinct, really is kind of generic when you really think about it.

Now thats the problem. Drew. He can transform into a humanoid dragon (DMC Nero mark II). For KI he would transform at his intro and remain transformed till the end of the fight. That would make the difference between Bloody Roar (transform at will). He could only fight in KI with his dragon form. Only then i could tollerate this kind of Dragon May Cry character on KI. Also he uses his left hand so i guess he shall be a “backfacing” fighter.

I wish Raiden instead because they could add blade wolf to fight as Galford from Samurai Shodown does with his rusky Poppy. Nothing is perfect either…

Including Raiden would be legal and licensing issues out the a$$. I think Bayonetta would fit better and you would finally have the Witch Trope covered. Ken Lobb make it happen!

Yep but adding too much girls on KI would turn the game on some sort of DOA. Potential females to feature as KI guests are Joanna Dark, Lara Croft and a lot of other ladies. Metal Gear Raiden is WAY more badass. Im not kidding, i would give a lot money on a crowfund to cover MG Raiden royalties / license. Iron Galaxy or even Microsoft should contact Hideo Kojima to see if he can help MG Raiden make an appearence in KI. Oh Lord, dreams… But having MG Raiden along w/ Blade Wolf on Killer Instinct would be like a nucler blast of hype. That’s all KI need for season 3.

What? Are you saying that adding too much girls would instantly turn KI into DOA?
What are you talking about? Just because there its much female characters dont mean that KI could turn into DOA!

not really. Just make the count of chick and dude guests more balanced. Proper tag, got it?