Gold Rash Skin

Anyone notice that the Gold Rash Skin dropped in the last week or so and there was no post or anything regarding this? If there was I didnt see nor have I seen anyone talk about it. SO if you didnt know…Rash’s Gold skin is available and free. WHat’s odd is its him alone with no others. NO Raam, No Omen, No Arbiter… notta. Like why not just have all 3 guests in a pack with Gold? SMH


I did notice, but I’m wondering why I’m not having to pay for any of them now. Ever since I redeemed my Definitive Edition code for the Gargos gold and silver skins, all the golds have unlocked for me and unlocking as they launch.

On top of that, I kinda find it weird you had the two pack of the 3.5 characters but not the third character.

That’s what pisses me off though, they gave rash, a guest character a gold skin yet Omen couldn’t get one. What’s the reasoning behind this decision? They can’t say it’s because he’s a bonus character because all the remix characters got one as well. I would’ve thought all the guests would get one in a single pack but whatever what’s done is done. I just hope they get one later down the road.

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I wonder how many people know that Eagle’s gold skin was also unlocked without being told. It wasn’t included with Rash on the skin pack as far as I know and I didn’t see anyone say anything. I just randomly looked while boosting Eagle to lv. 50 and boom, Gold Eagle.

Honestly, I only knew about the Rash skin being unlocked because someone said it did in the “What’s new this Tuesday?” thread. Guess we only have the Crimson Guardians left.

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Is golden Omen even possible? I guess they could make him solid.

He could get a golden mask with matching inner lighting and a different shade of yellow for the rest of the body or they could just give a totally different kind of skin like they did with silver shago.

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So did I miss out on some announcement or something? Because after reading all this I went on KI and sure enough had all of the gold & terror skins unlocked for everyone. This a glitch or are we getting all the skins for free now?

Yeah they’re all unlocked for me too …lol super weird but not complaining at all

I’m pretty sure it was stated before that those who have the definitive edition or the supreme edition will get all gold skins for free it just took a while for it to take effect.

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I didnt know about the Eagle gold skin. He isnt listed in any of the packs so maybe he inst supposed to be released yet?

Omen could have a SIlver skin like Shago or a solid black with gold lightening.

But what Ive asked many times to the Devs is why is the answer always “Omen is a bonus character so thats why he is always left out” or " no answer at all".
OMen is more popular than some of the original characters, especially in Shadow Lords. So not sure why he gets left out of everything.

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It’s been two years or so now and Omen still gets shafted cosmetically in comparison to all the other characters. I really don’t mean to sound ungrateful or anything but it’s so annoying to see my favorite character in this game get left behind constantly because of his “bonus” status.

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Couldn’t agree more! The only thing we ever received was the color pack 7-9.

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Even then that was just to give him the missing skins that every character already had, they’re great skins btw and the ones I mainly use but still that should’ve been something he got when aganos released.

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