Gold pack 3? Out now?

My Xbox shows an ad for Gold pack 3? But no mention on here? Did I miss something?


I noticed last night that Glacius had a gold skin, but it wasn’t selectable.

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Havn’t seen anything on here, but thanks for making this thread! I immediatly bought my gold Mira skin


You didn’t miss anything. It is indeed out:

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Golden Sadira! I want and i’ll lick and rub my face on whole her!


huh, fulgore gold skin is showing up in character select but locked. anything been announced?
thanks in advance.

They have Gold skins for every character except for Omen and the Guests. They’re going to be released periodically throughout the next year or so if the current released schedule holds up.

seriously, i think the price is not fair for just 3 colors!

If someday the colors pack get some discount sale, then I buy them.

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lol. soooo, all the gold skins are done they’re just staggering the dates available?

not to be “that guy” but that’s kinda over hype just for a gold skin. lol. I mean that slow of a trickle for cosmetics? I dunno, seems a bit unneeded. thanks for the reply tho to my earlier query.

I’m telling you guys the slow trickle is a plan set forth to keep everyone busy and new players baited all the while working on the sequel. When the trickle runs out, expect an announcement of whats next for KI.


Is it just me, or do the gold skin fighters seem to shimmer when they use shadow moves? I swear every time my gold saber uses shadow he looks like he’s on fire

Do u think they will sell the gold skins individually eventually or maybe in a pack for a discounted price.

I like this theory


Drip feed is for suckers.unsubbed.

Personally I like the idea. I didn’t want to get the first pack bc I don’t care about a gold orchid but I did get it for the gold Maya. If I had the ability I would have gone straight for a gold riptor, saber, Kan Ra, eye doll, Raam, fulgore, Kilgore, jago, and Glacius. But I also wouldn’t mind a package deal like golden roster (whole cast) I wouldn’t paying a little extra to get everyone at once, even if it includes characters I don’t play.

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I do like the Mira gold skin but I’m not paying money for characters I don’t use as often.

Must…resist…buying hype Mira Gold Color…

Everyone hates Tusk’s Gold but I love it.

They almost could have used these in Shadow Lords as Ultra Tech robots or something goofy like that. Especially the platinum colors of Gargos and Shago.

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I buy everything KI, regardless if I use them or not. Its my favorite game of all time and Ill buy KI products till the day I die.