GOLD GARGOS Skin code won't redeem HELP! (Code is COrrect)

So quite a while ago I tried redeeming a code for Gold Gargos skin for Killer Instinct: Definitive Edition, it doesn’t seem to matter if it’s on my XBox One or; I get this message saying to “check the instructions, you may be able to redeem it on another wbesite”. I bought this GameStop although I do have the original digital version of Killer Instinct installed with the Ultra Edition add-ons, but the card with my code specifices Stor > Games > Redeem a code or I’m currently speaking with someone in online chat from Microsoft support, and even they can’ figure out what the problem is, and are telling me that my code appears good, except that Gold Gargos skin isn’t on the marketplace! WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON HERE?! Why can’t I redeem my code? I JUST got this today!! Anybody else having this issue?? What am I supposed to do?! Please leave a reply back if anyone has any possible info! Thanks!

Yeah having the same issue did the same thing called Xbox they don’t know what’s going on I tweeted out to Killer Instinct about this issue that replied to me asking what era code was being displayed so I replied and told them that the message is telling me I need to use a different website then they never said anything back to me so I don’t know what’s going on but there is another thread about the same issue in the forum I own every season of this game and the only reason I bought the definitive addition for this skin and sound track very disappointed that straight out of the package it doesn’t even work

Can I ask if you have a link to where exactly you were able to contact them? Was it Twitter, and if so their user ID no there? because this would be helpful to me as well. It’s reall furstrating, and I have content from both the originla digital copy AND the retail Definition Edition disc installed n my HDD, full game installed both versions. Also, could you plase link me to the other form topic or whichever 1 topic you found related to this issue, for a reference

Yeah codes not working for me either, there’s only 12 tracks on the 2nd disk and I didn’t get the controller skin from game stop, also how do I get the platinum gargos skin is it contained in the gold gargos code. What more could go worse.

Yeah guys give me just a second I’m driving down the road LOL

All I used was @killer instinct through Twitter but all they did was ask what Era code it was popping up and I still haven’t heard anything from them tho the other thread about this problem is in the suggestion and feedback tried to link it but couldn’t get it to work

So, thought I’d leave an update status/confirmation for everyone with the issue, almost 9am here, (east coast) (other thred I found ysterday someone mentioned redeeming was “borked” so I don’t know if it was redeeming altogether, codes or what) tried my code again, seems fine now with the exception that when imput it said “color pack”. I mean I’ve heard also about the Silver 1 recently but didn’t know if it was going to be specific for editions or what since my card says Gold Gargos costume.

I redeemed my code about 2 days ago, and I still don’t have the skin in game. I tried to re use the code as I saw somewhere that they were “broken” what ever that means and upon inputting the code it says it was already redeemed. So I’m not sure what to do as the skin won’t show up for me in game, but I did indeed redeem it…