Going from tj to maya need some help?

So in my year of ki i spent all my time with tj jago saberwulf and thunder. Mostly tj i would say out of my 100 hours 70 of those been with tj. Ive always wanted to take on maya as she seems hard to use. I’ve watched supersajam break down and basic offense with her spent the last 10 15 hours practing dagger throw oppsite normal pressure. Im playing the cpu survival on veteran can barely get the life bar down. Any videos or drills i can practice? Her normals opener seem lacking.

No help:( come on fellas

Look up Pink Diamond - she’s the best Maya player I’ve ever seen… :wink:

Where do i look I’ve typed in killer instinct maya on yt

Did you try Pink Diamond? She’s been featured as a finalist in a few streamed tournaments. :wink:

So when i throw a dagger i can hold forward and get a little role? Im trying to learn how to recapture here not sure of its worth learning that?

Well, she can dash-cancel into a dagger throw (press forward twice immediately followed by QCF+P)…

As for recaptures, the only 1 that she has that I’m aware of is her F+HK. You can recapture your opponent with it after shadow dagger throw or after her exchange ender (or dagger juggles, if you catch them in the air with a dagger throw). It’s slow though, so you have to be careful using it outside of a combo string. To make up for that, you can hold it to not release an attack at all (she just somersaults through the air), which can be used to fake out your opponents into commiting to a mistake.

Yeah i can’t grab that damn dagger after 2exchange ender or a raw dp dagher throw i cant ever grab that i want to learn that into her air unlockable