[GLlTCH?] GARGOS grabs his own minion LOL

Let us know if this happened to you too!:open_mouth:

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Not a glitch. That’s intended.


Its actually a feature, he can absorb them as well as throw them at the enemy like projectiles. Good for getting them in on your foes.


You should be able to find more details on what you can do when you pick up a minion in the in-game move list. See also Infil’s Gargos page.

EDIT: also see the IG stream, at 57:44:


It was a pretty unfortunate grab for the Gargos though, you’d think that your opponent would have some kind of grab priority over your babies. lol

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Nvm. TJ got poked by Panic, and was in hit stun.

Yes it has happened to me. So I either punch it or throw it at my oponent, depending on my mood.

Grabbing you minion allows you to punch them and suck in more Instinct meter. grabbing your opponent allows you to punch them and suck in more Shadow meter.

Pretty cool little addition to Gargos’s move set IMO.

The fact you think this is a glitch goes to show that this game needs character driven tutorials


Or you know…go into practice read the command list and you know…practice yourself…it’s right there, ready for you to practice…

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I watched the video explaining his moveset and everything and I was like “Wow that’s a very interesting way to use minions o-o”

Also he threw the ■■■■ out of that minion xD omg i laughed