Glitch character download

So I have the original 3 seasons of ki bought separately. For some reason when I log in i don’t have thunder,sadira, or spinal. I own season one ultra edition but when I try to g

o into the store and download or purchase them it says I need to pay for them. What do I do?

If you’re on Xbox. Highlight KI in my games and apps. Press the back button to manage game. See if those characters are showing up under ready to install. If they are shown as installed, simply delete and reinstall. I’ve had this issue in that past and that fixed it.

I uninstalled everything and reinstalled it all last night. Unfortunately the only season one characters that appear downloaded is fulgore,jago, and glacius. I bought fulgore and glacius separately so I guess it makes sense why they are there. Also when I log on it tells me there’s an add on that I have but it isn’t installed would I like to install. When I press yes it brings me to the store which takes me too one of the bundles in the definitive edition. It doesn’t allow me to download it but instead is telling me to buy the definitive.