Glacius vs. The Arbiter

The Covenant has violated the tenants of the “88 Decrees”. Having sent their Arbiter to a remote planet outside of their prescribed space named Tallon IV, the galactic marshal known only as Glacius has followed in pursuit. Upon arrival, Glacius confronts the Arbiter after he has seemingly destroyed a native military base. The two warrior’s square off without hesitation…



The Arbiter

Setting: Northern Pole of Tallon IV (Phenandra Drifts), outside of the destroyed base.


  • Glacius has his Season 3 move set.
  • The Arbiter has his standard gear.
  • Starting range, 50 meters.
  • The Arbiter is knowledgeable about Glacius’ race and their abilities.
  • Glacius has fought many Elites in the past on behalf of his galactic station.

Who wins? Why?

Man, this is awesome. Got me fantasizing. Now I’m drooling too.

Considering the Arbiters stage this would take place somewhere in Halo 5’s current timeline.

Sounds pretty fun, though I’d think an alternate timeline setting would be required since the Earth in Halo’s universe is much different from ours in KI.

I aloso doubt the arbiter would be coming to earth with a malicious intent at this point.

I figured the Setting pic would throw people for a loop.

This fight doesn’t take place on earth, but on an unnamed planet in its northern pole.

Edit: The fight takes place on Tallon IV in the Phenandra Drifts

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Arbiter. Why? Fuel Rod gun spam for days.

Hail and Liquidize though…

Hail won’t do much. Liquidize? Fire during the recovery frames.

The Arbiter wins. His resume and experience are too much.

But but but… Multi-Hail! and Shatter! and and and… ah f*ck it, I was rooting for Arbiter anyway.

We’d have to research both combatants and use their feats, not game mechanics. Go find their speed, durability, and destructive capacity.

I sense a death battle :smiling_imp: