Glacius S3 Ultra Blowout?

Back in Season 2, Hail added a lot of KV during Glacius’s Ultra. Now in S3, no blowout occurs when Hail hits an opponent with a maxed KV bar. I honestly just wanted to ask directly @TheKeits if this is a bug/glitch. I love it though, makes me tear with joy :slight_smile:


I’m a glacius main, and I think this is one of the most douchiest things Ive ever seen, and yet its people like you that LOVE IT! I don’t understand the FGC’s sense of sportsmanship.

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This is really awesome. But im afraid they’ll took it out now that you’ve showed it. Thank you so much… :sob:

So…what exactly was the point of this? I mean…that’s not even stylish. That’s just a repeat of 2 moves looped over and over again. Where’s the fun in that?

I’d happily quit during that garbage

Whelp, time to main Glacius

■■■■ like this should be ruled Unsportsmanlike conduct during tournaments and should be penalized by means of immediately disqualification. It may only be a game, but its also a form of competition. Any kind of competition should encourage humble and good sportsmanship.

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No, that’s for sissies.

Only way it would ever get stopped.

It’'s a round finisher…and not even a good one at that.

Yes. And I would never quit otherwise, but once the ultra hits, the victory is awarded, so I wouldn’t be depriving my opponent of anything.

Alternately, should I be happy to have my time wasted by watching this glitched out nonsense for a full minute or two?


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Makes it that much pointless to do, and as such, should be punished for wasting people’s time with such arrogance.

So what your saying is humans have no self control and should be forced. Right?

I’m saying people should be humble and when a match ends, let it end instead of prolonging it with something stupid with extended Ultra Juggles or something like that

You dodged the question completely but whatever. I can see this irritates you. Enjoy your despair.

Honestly, this game has a mechanic that allows you to perform Ultra’s (let alone, extend Glacius’s short ultra)I’m gonna do that but I don’t agree that this should be infinite though. Performing Ultra’s isn’t disrespectful, tbagging, taunting now those are shows of bad sportsmanship. Also, the stigma behind Ultra’s feel similar to performing Fatalities in MK. People rarely do them, and people complain when being finished. Be lucky no one is blatantly disrespecting your skills while your being Ultra’s on (or during gameplay), as that is more of a demoralizer (and disrespectful) than just eating an Ultra.

Arrogance? What’s arrogant is the fact that you omit this from your game. Let alone you choose to dismiss this and fail to shed light upon it so that the community can deal with the issue. It seems to me that it’s pointless to know about this and not share light about it. You might not dig my actions with %100 positivity, but let this Ultra happened to you and your unable to find any information on it.

Call it pointless after that.

Sportsmanship? Are you kidding? There area so many sore losers in the FGC that it is amazing. I guess that it is from a whole generation getting trophies and rewarded just for showing up, so now they handle it very poorly when they loose.

The players that believe in sportsmanship are older. I would bet money thay most are over 22 years old.

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Ah yes, the classic Glacius juggles. I’m trying to remember who found this originally, but I’ve seen this a few times. Pretty cool beans.

I agree, it’s just a waste of both player’s time imho. Thanks for showing us though