Glacius medium and light kick manuals

Glacius medium and light kick manual look the same, is that intended ?

They look very SLIGHTLY different, the medium version goes a bit deeper in the opponent. It’s just how the moves were designed, and if it was a problem the devs would fix it.

The only way I can tell is through the amount of hit stun they do is a little different. But yeah imo he should get a new close range animation for either the light or medium kick. There’s no reason for 2 different normals to look the same other than to annoyingly make combo breaking them more confusing.

Um…you realize Glacius is one of the easiest characters in the game to break, right? A 50/50 manual break chance is not that big an issue, especially since it’s almost impossible to break any manual on reaction.

Making an already hard hit to react to a 50/50 sounds fine to you? I main glacius and I think it’s annoying but whatever.

It’s not hard to react to. It’s impossible to react to. The animation similarities don’t change that.

It is a 50/50 in hindsight as you can’t go “oh he did a medium there” solely based on the animation. If you try to break light or medium you can know but otherwise not really, however this didn’t affect your ability to break the manual when it happened as all of the animations are too fast to react to anyway.

Your chance to break was in no way reduced based on the animation, as it wasn’t predicated on reacting to the animation in the first place.