Glacius Match Up

Hi all,

I’ve started playing Ranked Leagues, and I placed in Gold Tier, Master. I’m having a blast so far, but had a good bit of trouble with the Sadira vs Glacius match up.

In this Set, I simply couldn’t figure out how to overcome his strong zoning; I simply couldn’t take to the air or get anything going what-so-ever.

Anyone have any tips for the match up? Would it have been better to simply stay grounded, trying to bully my way in with Demonic Blade?

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The first that comes to my mind is using a hail for protection and probably cold shoulder as AA or a way to get away from her.
Jumping HK may be also good to keep her out.
Though Glay players will give you better advice ,heh.

Also you can check other Glacius players against her to get new tech on how to handle the matchup.
There was a tourney not long ago were a good Sadira played and there was a beast Glacius but I can remember the tourney’s name…


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He’s actually the Sadira player so he’s looking for the advice going the other way. @WebNRagnarok could probably help you @Juxtapose13 .

I’m a Glacius player and generally I struggle against Sadira.


Oh , sorry I was in a hurry! xD

Yeah, @WebNRagnarok can help!


Just saw this… I had a run in with a Glay a few days ago. I’ll record the fight and show the set here. I also give you my thoughts on what I’ve learned from the match up.


Here’s the video that I made…

After watching your fight there are a few things that you need to work on as a Sadira main, some of these I am still working on, so don’t feel bad. :smiley:

My first observation is your defense needs a lot of work. It’s fine to take damage if it helps you get in, but as Glacius hits very hard you need to make sure you’re not needlessly running into his hail and fists. Use Sadira’s maneuverability to dance around the screen and avoid attacks like hail (just as an example). It takes a lot of practice, but you’ll get there. If Sadira has instinct available and you get in, use it. Make them fear you. Even though Sadira is considered the worse character in the game, her Instinct is still one of the best.

In respect to the Glay fight. Glacius wants to keep you away from him. He’s most dangerous when he’s half way across the screen. Jumping HK and MK are really good at keeping Sadira away, but you have tools to assist you.

Jumping HK can be countered by Recluse. L. Recluse has a decent hitbox and can allow you to combo afterward. You should just block Jumping MK and then counter afterward.

A good Glacius will almost always have hail hovering over their head. A good Sadira can dodge these, even though it isn’t also wrong to take a hit, if it means you can get in.

As a Sadira main, you always want to be right over Glacius’ head. If they become too reliant on Glacius DP, you can do empty jump’s into block to bait it. Meaty jumps are also good as you can cross up. Don’t be too floaty.

If Glacius tries to use Shatter, just short hop.

So the key take aways are this…
Work on your defense.
Better utilize your instinct…

Glacius specific match up…
Use Recluse to counter jumping HK
Use Sadira’s Double Jump to bait DPs and dodge hail.
Stay close to Glacius and pressure him by using meaty cross ups.
If he pops Instinct… Use Sadira’s mobility to play keep away until it passes.


Thanks for the replies everyone!

@WebNRagnarok Those were great Matches to watch, thanks! And I will never feel bad or get angry from constructive criticism. Everyone can always improve, and constructive criticism and feedback is a fantastic way to accomplish that!

You are absolutely correct about my defence, and that doesn’t go for just Sadira, but for all my other characters as well (I main Fulgore and Sadira and have Orchid as a secondary). It is by far the weakest part of my overall game, though I am happy to say it is slowly, but surely, improving as I get more and more experience.

In this particular Set, I was so overwhelmed by my opponent, there were several instances where I “froze” for an extra second or so trying to process what to do, which resulted in me not blocking and taking far, far more hits than I should have.

In your own video, I loved how you were using D+HK, that’s actually a tool I have not used much, and I’ve typically used D+MK. I’ll need to experiment with this more.

I’ve mostly played the AI, as you know, and outside of friendly matches with friends, I only started playing the game in Public Ranked matches about four days ago.

I’m having a lot of fun, and I’m happy to say I’ve already noticed I’m improving overall on the following:

  • Blocking. While the Set I posted wasn’t a great example, overall, my Blocking has improved from what it was even a week ago.
  • Combo Breaking. At least with opponent’s around my own skill level, I’ve noticed a sizeable improvement in my successful Combo Breaks.
  • In terms of characters, I’ve found my Orchid game has improved, and I’m feeling more confident with her.

A good thing to keep in mind in this MU is to save your jump options. You don’t always have to double jump, and varying when/how you do it and when you let medium kunai go will help keep the Glacius from dumping a ton of stray hit damage onto you. As Ragnarok says, Glay hits harder than you do anyway, so while it’s fine to take some damage getting in, you can’t just eat hails and jumping lances willy-nilly. That stuff adds up very quickly.

Once you get the initiative, it’s just a matter of staying in and floating above Glacius’ head to roll him over. You don’t want to give him time to call out hail while you’re doing it (hail call is very good at covering this space), so be sure to use single jump pressure as well to keep him guessing on exactly when the hit is coming.


Thanks for the feedback guys.

For fun I did some practice against @BigBadAndy’s Shadow of Glacius. He’s a better player than I, so I knew his Shadow would make some good practice.

I feel I did better than my last Ranked Leagues Set against the character, and worked in a few improvements a bit. I’ve still got a long way to go though!

In generally, over the last few days, i haven’t been playing as well overall with any of my characters. My Sadira game especially has gotten a good bit worse. Hopefully I’m able to turn that around soon.


I can’t vouch for my own skill as a player or my Shadow, but let me know if you ever want to run a set. I could use some Sadira practice for sure.


That would be fun. It would be you schooling me though, that’s for sure :).

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Here’s another fight I had today. My defense wasn’t on par, but to be honest, I am learning new tech for Instinct, so I had to take damage.

The quasi new Instinct Tech is pretty ridiculous and if done right is nigh impossible to break. I flubbed the end of the combo, but I’m getting there.

@BigBadAndy And yes, this is a taste of things to come… evil laugh

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Ha, jokes on you. I couldn’t break any of her stuff before so this won’t help you at all.


But it will look cool. :joy_cat:

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