Glacius' Instinct ability rarely used

So whenever I see someone use Glacius’ Instinct, all I see them is either teleport puddle punch, or front puddle punch. I’ve seen a real good Glacius player use it to just liquidize and confuse me, no punches. Nobody remembers that he travels faster in liquid form during Instinct? Am I one of the few people who just uses it to confuse my opponent? I’ll liquidize and travel away, then liquidize and travel towards my opponent, and instead of them expecting a puddle punch I’ll just throw them or start an opener. It’s great to trick your opponents into missing throws.

Oh people know. I’ve been tricked with it many times thinking they were gonna do the teleport puddle punch when they grabbed instead.

There are a few good glacius players who use the instinct liquidize very well, others like you said just decide to use puddle punch all the time for reasons i will never understand

People do know trust me, my brother prefers to use it because of the attack. It’s still something I admit; I’m still trying to catch him on. @Justathereptile is likely gonna change tactics now when he sees this.