Glacius Help Against Rushdown

I’ve been trying to main Glacius lately. I’m still getting the hang of him. He’s got some great zoning tools, and can even deliver a powerful up-close offence. However, I have a lot of trouble with opponents, particularly Rushdown style characters, who manage to get past my zoning.

Once I have an opponent pressuring me from up close, I can never manage to recover. I can’t get any reversals off. Blockstrings inevitably wind up with me taking a lot of damage, as all I can do is try to block, and eventually I get hit with a crossup or mixup. I’ve been playing Glacius every night this week, and I have not managed to even get off a quick poke once an opponent has me in the corner. It seems like every option I try winds up with me getting punished.

I also believe that the Combo Assist system has exacerbated this. If an opponent is spamming lights on me in the corner, they will be able to link into a combo by just spamming the button, making it even more difficult for me to recover.

So I ask, what are Glacius’ best options once an opponent has you cornered and won’t stop attacking? If I have meter, I sometimes try a Shadow Puddle Punch on wakeup, but it honestly feels like my controller isn’t even working most of the time. It’s like I’m just at their mercy. Everything I do gets stuffed.

I did go into practice mode against Riptor on Killer difficulty, but even she didn’t provide the kind of pressure that my ranked opponents are giving me. That said, I still couldn’t find any good options against her unless she paused for a brief moment, during which I could pull off a Cold Shoulder.

Anyone have any tips against relentless corner spam?

As a Glacius main, I use the hell out of his regular puddle punch when fighting at close range, but rarely ever use the shadowed version. Also, I’ve found that people usually block my shoulder charge, but are NEVER prepared for a puddle punch right after the blockstun and I can always open people up like that. If they are midscreen and about to close in on you, his Light Shatter is good too, unblockable, and at close range, people usually don’t expect it. F+MP is good too.

I am trying to break open Glacius also and once a high pressure character gets in, it can get tough. Kriz mentioned the regular puddle punch and my limited experience says that he is spot on. It comes out VERY fast and will put you right into a combo if you use the light or medium version and give you a knock down on the opponent if you use the hard.
The trick is, if you use that every time that someone is applying pressure, an astute opponent will quickly realize what you are doing and they will start baiting out your puddle punch and then punish you. I would like to know something ELSE that can be done outside of the puddle punch to try and get you out of trouble.
Otherwise, all I know is to mount a careful defense and look for a gap in their offense to turn the table.

Well, I suppose you could try using a regular puddle after the block stun.

I dont use Glacius, but i have fought a VERY good one.

Glacius is a very “binary” character. kind of like shago. All of his moves are VERY risky. Either you guess right, and get great damage, or guess wrong, and get hit a lot. To use him, you HAVE to know your opponent.

Glacius has AMAZING ground attacks, and AMAZING air attacks. But if you guess that your opponent will be on the ground, and they come in high instead, you will get full combo’d. If you guess high, and they come in low, its almost the same story. If you guess that they will fall for puddle punch at the end of a block string, being right gives you a combo. Being wrong makes you eat one.

So your answer is, there is NO single “good” option up close. Glacius is meant to NEVER be trapped. Puddle punch is your best option up close on defense, but if they don’t fall for it, then you are doomed.

If you want to be good with glacius, learn to read your opponent. Keep Hail out at all times, and if they go high, you go high. If they go low, you go low. When they get Hit, and you suspect they are about to change up their strategy, you have to KNOW this, and adapt before they can even try anything.

It sounds tough, but remember, Glacius can end a game in about 4 combos if done correctly.

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Just about any character can, in the right hands…

omen cant. sad but true. not unless you get 4 counter-breakers

did you forget about Demonic Despair? He can do 100% in one combo.

You win 1 “That’s A Good Point” token!

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If you get trapped in the corner do poking attacks mixed with throws and jumps. I like to repeatedly press light punch and hit my opponent over and over. Kind of like spam poking. It frustrates them. I spam poke and throw.