Glacius has an ultra?

So I’m in practice mode as a warm up, and while going through the command list I notice that it has the command for ultra, but only ‘if owned’. Did I miss out on another ultra announcement? If so could someone point me to an article saying when it’s available? I’d love to see his ultra

You mean Ultimate? Yeah. He has one. We have to wait though.

Sorry my bad. I meant ultimate. I’m just excited and I don’t want to wait!

No you didn’t miss an announcement for pack 3. They just “leaked” or “teased” pack three with putting an Ultimate inputs command on characters command list for those getting one soon. Pack 3 comes out sometime in the summer or fall I believe.

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:tired_face: such a long wait

When does pack 2 come out?

I saw his ultimate. It’s pretty cool

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Where did you see his ultimate?

Folks at KIWC got to see some of the Ultimates since they were available on the dev kits. But they were sworn to secrecy to avoid leaks.


OMG. Glacius has an ultra that involves leakage PogChamp

I thought he was just making a pun. I guess it could be both though.

Glacius and Mira are getting ultimate. I’m pretty hype for that



I see what you did there. Did they get you guys to all sign an NDA or what? It’s been amazingly leak-proof considering how many people were at KIWC.

Anyway, don’t ruin it for me. I’m looking forward to seeing his Ultimate when it comes out.

Nah, they just say be quiet about it for now so we are. We’re good like that.

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