Glacius Counter/Hard Counter

I know. I should just get better at whatever character I use. But that being said, I’d like to know the match ups that Glaciuses struggle with the most. I just started playing and am having a very tough time with high level Glaciuses. Thinking about going counter pick potentially or at least someone who may have a better match up (I use Tusk). Thanks

My Aganos destroys Glacius’ players on the regular, but I’ve had a LOT of practice with the golem, so…

Tusk does very badly against Glacius, so you would definitely have a struggle. Tusk is a medium range character and so is Glacius. Glacius is one of several KI characters who are just “different” and need to be countered differently.

Glacius struggles against Jago and Fulgore and Spinal - all three can basically out zone him although Jago’s loss of full screen windkick hurt him in that matchup. The teleports are very hard for Glacius to deal with. Aganos can be a struggle because he is another character who can get a life lead and then run away. Good Thunder and Orchid players have tools to make Glacius’s life hard and KannRa is still a difficult matchup.

The problem, though, with Glacius counter picks is that you really have to know how to play those characters the right way. Glacius has one or two good matchups and a lot of matchups that are 5-5 or 4-6. There isn’t a counter that is just designed to beat him playing their standard game.

As a Glacius player the only matchup that I really don’t like to see on the vs screen is Spinal.

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teleport characters in general are good at screwing with zoners. being fullscreen away doesnt mean squat.


How do you feel about the Hisako MU? I know a lot of players say it’s in her favor, but I personally think it’s a bit more even.

I personally think that Glacius’ MUs versus Jago, Spinal and Fulgore are pretty even thanks to liquidize.

I’d say some good counter pick options are Maya, Omen and Mira.

LOL, I tried Glacius to fight against those characters yesterday just to give Wulf a rest, it didn’t come out easy XD Just as you said.
I would say that Fulgore is a nice counterpick, but a good Jago can do great too (depending on the Glacius skill). My Glacius is pretty much standard u.u

Hisako has great normals and priority. I avoid Glacius vs her because of her range and the teleport. By the way, how do you feel about Jago vs Hisako MU?

The very definition of 5-5. The better player will almost invariably win in this MU, as each character has good pressure tools and defensive options against the other.

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Thanks for all of the feedback guys. Good to know that it’s not just my lack of skill in the Tusk v. Glacius match up haha. Might try out Hisako for Glacius along with Fulgore/Spinal.

I honestly haven’t played the matchup a lot. I have a lot of difficulty against Hisako as a player because I have a hard time reading her doubles, so I’m probably not the right person to test it out with. But Hisako is supposed to be murder on Tusk and I actually do fine as Tusk in that matchup.

The thing with KI is that people talk about the matchups and with only a few exceptions the individual players habits and tendencies dominate the outcome rather than the characters. I’m sure that’s less true at the highest level, where all the players can be expected to perform very well and make consistently good decisions.

But I will say again that there is no matchup that is going to just “beat” Glacius. Some characters have better tools but you still have to play the right way.

Glacius v Jago seems pretty close at high levels. I’d expect the Glacius player to win out if both players are less experienced, though.

If I were to naively theorycraft, I’d suggest that maybe TJ and Rash would be good counterpicks, since they’re both anti-zoning rushdown characters with very “I’m going to call the shots at midrange and ignore what you’re doing to keep me out” movesets.

Not surprisingly, Jago being a jack of all trades, this matchup is super dependant on the player. I can almost tell within three seconds of starting the match of a Jago is going to beat my Glacius. Since the loss of his full screen windkick, jump back Jago is doomed. But Jago players who know how to mix cross ups and pressure through his block strings and aren’t afraid to DP now and then can really put the hurt in Glacius.

TJ is a different matchup for sure. But In my experience Glacius can deal with his pressure pretty well most of the time. It’s hard to explain why on paper but the kind of constant offensive rhythm that most TJ players use allows Glacius to predictably use his tools to counter. Glacius’s ability to do high damage combos and capitalize on mistakes helps a lot in this match. And most Glacius players have pretty good defensive skills. But I don’t want to pretend I’m an expert on high level matchups. I may no claims to anything beyond intermediate level play. If we want an expert on high level Glacius play we need someone like @SonicDolphin117.

I kind of am the last person who actively roams around the forums and plays Glacius at a high level, huh? XD

Lol. Well, we could tag TexAce, but I haven’t known him to really haunt the forums per se. He certainly might be game to discuss MU stuff though.

TexAce doesn’t play Glacius as much anymore. He seems to be learning Tusk and Fulgore.

Hisako, omen and shadow jago

Anyone who can teleport.

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Kan Ra doesn’t seem easy for Glacius either. I don’t know the match up at all, but I got destroyed by Kan Ra while using the iceman.

It’s fairly even these days. The Glacius player has to stay on top of him though and not give up space.