Give some Shadow Jago love: He should have his own backstory!

[QUOTE] rukkizel:
Cinder. Aria. That’s it. Two characters left.[/QUOTE]

Please give Shadow Jago a full story treatment and give him his own backstory!

If omen, who was considered as a bonus character, got his backstory; why Shadow Jago can’t get his own?

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I agree. I mean he is literally separate from Jago now. There must be an agenda with him.

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What do you mean separate from Jago. He is still Jago. I think you mean Omen is separate from Jago. Plus if you want to know about Shajo all you need to do is read Jago’s and Omens back story. It pretty much explains that Omen corrupting the Tiger Spirit and gaining power through fights was the result of Shago. After Omen leaves it sounds like the Tiger Spirit is still corrupted and like Evil Ryu, turns up when Jago is angry or needs super saiyan moments. What else do you want to know about Shago? He only shows up to fight.

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But the Herald of Gargos was dumbfounded when the shadow form of that warrior-monk (the thing known as Shadow Jago) emerged in the aftermath of his possession of Jago. That wasn’t supposed to happen.

I guess I read that one wrong.

I’ll try my hand at one.
When a Mommy Jago and a Daddy Omen love each other very much, they make a call to the stork and pay a fluctuating fee for a Shadow Jago code. However, the JaMom and OmDad have 2 different XBLA accounts and can’t decide who gets to use the code. This leads to explosive expletive laden arguments and culminates in a bitter divorce. Caught up in the cross fire, poor Shadow Jago starts going through an edgy phase and starts dressing up in skulls and chains before he starts lashing out and getting in with a bad crowd. At first, he stays a total MomJago’s boy and tries to imitate them after watching too much anime, but after a few years they find their DadOmen and join him at the circus where he learns new acrobatic tricks.
None of this helps him make friends though, so he often spends lonely hours in his room, only making download codes available for a short period of time

It’s definitely a work in progress, but we could go places with it.


This is awesome…and slightly disturbing :smirk:


yup. after Aria’s backstory, this one is going up.
Just one thing, why Jago Mom and Omen Dad?

because omen was “inside” of jago and after an argument he left and abandoned jago.

Now shadow jago is born as an independent entity and somebody has to pay for child support.

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Fine. I will make one for you. Jago was in conflict. Omen possessed Jago. Shadow Jago was born. Omen left. Jago is now Jago. Done.

Lore-wise, Shadow Jago is just Jago with the corruption of Gargos taken over.
The End.

He doesn’t really HAVE any story to give.

Jago’s story covers the before, Omens covers the after.