Give Rash his music

In Survival he has Kan-Ra’s stage and music. At least give him his music! Also make the background on his portrait image a stage, not just red.


I was thinking the same thing, since there aren’t any new stages inbound it would be nice to get the characters music while fighting them in survival. So regardless of what stage Rash, Mira, Gargos and the 2 un-announced characters use while in survival the music should change from the default stage music to the character music.

See I thought the same. Why give them their own themes if u can’t hear them when fighting them.
Mira is obviously gonna use sabre’s stage, but I want to hear her theme.
They must have the music tied to the stage which isn’t fair on the new characters.
As you say change rashs hero art to kan ras stage cause that’s his home now.