Give him more purpose in season 3!

He hasn’t had much story in season 2. But hope for season 3.

What about his season 1 endings? Which of them will they choose as canon?

Well that sort of falls in line with the S1 story update.

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I know he is neutral and could care less but he should have a more depth to his story other than a wrewolf barely clinging to sanity and basically addicted to meds. like he intends to take down Ultratech cuz…idk…maybe aria experimented on a wolf to infect a human or something or they have the tech for an actual cure instead o a placebo (probably in the classic tournamment to lure him in) isk, but he needs a story

Sabrewulf is fine now, he has beem top tier at tournaments, see last 8BBD, there were a lot of Wulfs at top16.

He’s fast to learn, but is very deep character specially when you lear frame data and his instinct cancel you’ll be able to pull crazy stuff.