Give Aria a team hyper combo

Since Aria is basically a team of characters that you can switch between and call assists with, why does she not have a super shadow move that uses all three bodies? It would make sense keeping with the whole team aspect, plus as a boss character she should have a move that uses up full meter, it’s just one of those things boss characters usually have. (Sure Shago didn’t have one, but Fulgore did and he’s the non-secret boss of Season one.)
It could be an attack where all three drones attack together, one giant beam from bass drone, blade drone does an allegro as the beam is hitting, booster drone does a version of shadow crescendo. The attack would cost all her meter, it would require her to have all three bodies still alive, and you would be able to hold down the body switching buttons to choose which body Aria ends the attack in. Damage wise It could be exactly the same as devastation beam along with the left over white damage. It would also scale heavily if combed into so it’s best done raw. The only balancing issue I can see is that Aria does build meter pretty fast with all the blocked drone pressure, so she might get too many chances to use this move.


thats why ultimates has to return. I guess we all want to see her drones doing a finishing move.

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Or a DHC? Make here use a shadow specofic move of ome body into another.